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Black Multi Color Ikkat Print Cambric Cotton Fabric

Rs. 220.00/Mtr. / Mtr
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Fabric Name

Black Multi Color Ikkat Print Cambric Cotton Fabric

Width 44 Inches
Material Cambric Cotton
Weave Plain Weave
Color Black
Product Code TU 4222 
Price Rs. 220/meter

Description -->

A finely woven cloth, Cambric is made with a plain weave. It is generally made with linen or cotton and it is a lightweight fabric.

Cambric fabric is also referred to as Chambray in the United States, which is made with blue or grey warp, and white filling. 

Cambric fabric is also quite similar to ‘Batiste’ but the major difference between the two fabrics is with the finishing. 

Trade Uno’s Cambric Fabric is ideal for summers and can be used for shirts, gowns, women’s tops, and other types of garments and dresses.

It can also be used for handkerchiefs, napkins, bandages, dust covers, etc.