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What is Kalamkari Pattern? 

Kalamkari refers to a hand painting art form used to decorate cotton textiles through intricate drawings of floral, animal, and mythical motifs applied using a kalam pen with vegetable dyes enduring the fabric surface. Two notable styles emerged — Srikalahasti Kalamkari focused on religious temple depictions using a pen to outline designs first traced with a wax resist, while Machilipatnam Kalamkari used wooden blocks carved into patterns to stamp dye directly replicating old trade textiles for apparel.

History of Kalamkari Patterns 

The history of the Kalamkari patterns also reaches back to ancient Indian art. The name Kalamkari was coined more than 3,000 years ago. It means pen (kalam) work (kari). They use natural dyes to make complex patterns depicting mythical stories and nature. The art of Kalamkari has evolved from Persian and Mugal techniques, perfectly capturing the harmonious unity of tradition, skilful workmanship and artistic expression.

Applications of Kalamkari Patterns Fabric

Kalamkari patterns have many applications in fashion and home furnishings. These intricate designs adorn sarees, dresses and dupattas in clothing. A wide range of home decor items such as curtains, bedspreads and wall hangings adorn living spaces with narratives captured in exquisite Kalamkari. Their range adds appeal, and kalamkari patterns provide a special flavour to individual tastes as well as the home environment.

Types of Kalamkari Patterns Fabric

The various types of Kalamkari pattern fabrics are as follows:

Type Description
Srikalahasti Pen-drawn fine lines, detailed artwork
Machilipatnam Block-printed dye designs
Karruppur Black resist mud outlines
Gollabhama Primarily floral motifs

Uses & Characteristics of Kalamkari Patterns


  • Boho Apparel - dresses, rompers, scarves
  • Home Decor Furnishings - bedding, upholstery
  • Wall Art - posters, hangings
  • Accessories – bags, journals, stationery


  • Hand-painted artwork and graphics
  • Botanical drawings, animal depictions
  • Vibrant vegetable dyes
  • Intricate details requiring great skill
  • Traditional cultural art form

Why Should I Purchase Kalamkari Patterns Fabric Online?

Choosing to buy Kalamkari patterns on the TradeUNO website provides a convenient and extensive shopping experience. With varying styles and colours on online platforms, all you need to do is stay home and select the best design that suits your taste. Customer reviews and detailed product descriptions help people to decide. Also, as online purchases generally include doorstep delivery, obtaining the beauty of Kalamkari Patterns with ease and freedom in your clothing and home is possible.

Kalamkari Pattern Fabric Latest Trends 2023

Traditional greatness meets contemporary trends in the Kalamkari patterns. The latest styles are characterised by modern colour palettes, abstract motifs and experimental design placements. From bohemian dresses to spiffy accessories, fashion fans will get Kalamkari Patterns on all kinds of garments. The trends this year rejoice in the development of Kalamkari art, offering a new viewpoint yet with unmistakable cultured preserves.

FAQs about Kalamkari Pattern Fabric

1. How long might it take to hand paint a textile?

Ans: The time required for hand-painting a textile also depends on the intricacy of the design. Some specialists may spend days or weeks coating every millimetre with their chosen paints and colours.

2. Do designs only use natural dyes?

Ans: The dyes used in hand-painted textiles tend to be natural, but specific colours may require synthetic variations.

3. What motifs are most common in kalamkari patterns?

Ans: Kalamkari patterns shared motifs from flora to fauna and mythological figures to geometric patterns, which have cultural significance.

4. How many artisans might work on one Kalamkari fabric?

Ans: One fabric may be the work of several artisans, each lending their ability to sketch, dye or detail.

5. How should I care for Kalamkari items?

Ans: Kalamkari items are delicate pieces. To ensure hand-painted detailing and fabric integrity, gentle handwashing in cold water without harsh detergents is recommended; air drying is preferred over hot dryer use.

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