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What is Jaipur Print Fabrics?

Jaipur prints refer to intricately patterned textiles featuring floral motifs, paisley designs, and decorative themes associated with traditional prints and textiles historically tied to India's Pink City of Jaipur. Famous for its elevation of block printing, the capital of Rajasthan became a hub for artisan textiles and craftsmanship supported by royal patronage to develop prized, complex printed fabrics using regional inspiration from Mughal influences to exotic destination themes catering to foreign fanciers.

History of Jaipur Print Fabrics

The Jaipur print fabrics emanate from Rajasthan, India. Jaipur prints have their roots in traditional block-printing methods. They are adorned with sophisticated patterns drawn from nature, folklore and royal history. Handmade for centuries, these fabrics add to the city's rich heritage of textiles. Today, Jaipur print fabrics are celebrated around the world for their inherent authenticity and craftsmanship, as well as for being a cultural symbol.

Applications of Jaipur Print Fabrics

Jaipur print fabrics can be seen in fashion and interior design. These textiles are made into beautiful clothes, such as sarees and kurtis for women and dresses and jackets for men. Furthermore, Jaipur prints can be found on bedspreads, curtains and tablecloths to decorate homes with Indian elegance. Its versatility gives it a widespread appeal among creative pursuits.

Types of Jaipur Print Fabrics

The various types of jaipur print fabrics are as follows:

Type Description
Paisley Teardrop-shaped floral style
Mothra Checkered boxes with central motifs
Floral Stylized local flowers
Exotic Animal and tropical themes

Uses & Characteristics of Jaipur Print Fabrics


Jaipur prints incorporate various materials such as linen, mulmul, crepe, dobby, chiffon, cashmere, etc, catering to diverse purposes:

  • Apparel - tunics, maxi dresses, scarves
  • Quilts & Throws - tapestries, blankets, bedding
  • Home Decor Accents - pillows, poufs, lampshades
  • Gift Accessories - bags, hair accessories


  • Intricately carved block print designs
  • Vibrant-dyed cotton grounds
  • Iconic regional patterns and themes
  • Artisanal craftsmanship quality
  • Embodies luxury feel

Why Should I Purchase Jaipur Print Fabrics Online?

There are many advantages of buying Jaipur print fabrics on the TradeUNO website. Many different kinds of designs and colour palettes are available on the website. Customer opinions and detailed product descriptions allow consumers to make informed decisions. Not only this, but online shopping also provides convenience and doorstep delivery. In addition, it is usually at competitive prices. Add the rich, cultural jaipur print fabrics to your collection at ease of online venues.

Jaipur Print Fabrics Latest Trends 2024

Jaipur print fabrics balance new trends with a hint of old charms. The latest designs have lively colours, meticulous floral motifs and geometrical patterns. Jaipur prints are especially good for use in contemporary shapes of clothing, such as flowy dresses and chic separates. This year's trends hold the natural beauty of these fabrics in a new light, using the jaipur printed textiles to create fresh looks for everything from clothes and accessories to curtains or household soft furnishings.

FAQs about Jaipur Print Fabric

1. How many colours commonly appear in Jaipur print fabrics?

Ans: A balance between vigour and intricacy, prints often include 2 to 5 colours.

2. What made Jaipur a prime textile hub?

Ans: It is with Jaipur's rich history, skilled artisans and the patronage of royals in support of traditional craftsmanship that it has become a leading textile hub.

3. Are Jaipur prints only florals?

Ans: Jaipur prints go beyond flowers, covering a plethora of themes such as geometrics, animals and cultural icons.

4. Can I request custom prints today?

Ans: Yes, TradeUNO offers customisation services for Jaipur print fabrics. Contact us directly to discuss your design preferences, colour choices, and fabric options. 

5. How are Jaipur textiles used outside India?

Ans: The city of Jaipur is famous the world over for its richly coloured, exquisitely woven textiles. Whether used in personal dress or to adorn homes & accessories, these hand-crafted masterpieces help establish a real sense of Jaipur on an international scale.

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