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What is Table Cover Fabric?

Table cover fabric refers to textiles suitable for covering and protecting dining tables or other surfaces. Key characteristics most quality table cover fabrics share include stain resistance, ease of cleaning, and durability to withstand frequent use and laundering over time.

The fabrics aim to add decorative flair to tables with colours, patterns and textures while discreetly hiding nicks and wear marks from underlying wood or laminate. Both woven and knit constructions get utilised to meet table covering needs spanning casual every day to upscale hospitality venues.


  • Early utilitarian table coverings focused on basic protective functionality using affordable, durable fabrics.

  • 1800s industrialisation enabled more elaborate decorative table linens for ornate place settings among the upper classes.

  • The mid-1900s developed easy-care synthetic fabrics like polyester for casual family meals.

  • Late 1900s trends shifted to minimalist, favouring simple natural textures like linen with subtle embellishments.

  • Today's innovations enhance performance, aiming to perfect stain repellency and washability.


  • Dining room tables for everyday meals to holiday entertaining restaurant tablecloths across casual to fine dining establishments.

  • Banquet hall linens dressing event tables ranging from weddings to conferences.

  • Picnic table covers make outdoor dining clean and pleasant. 

  • Crafting projects like runner-making are ideal for learning sewing skills on softer, manageable fabrics.

  • Altar and ceremonial venue dressing upholding spiritual traditions.    

Types of Table Cover Fabric

  • Polyester - Most resilient against stains and abrasion damage. Easy care.

  • Cotton - Affordable natural fibre alternative; laundering often requires ironing. 

  • Linen - Classic natural texture lending refined elegance. Wrinkles easily.

  • Vinyl - Waterproof budget option well-suited for outdoor usage. Limited colors.  

  • Spandex Blends - Contour-fitted options maintain snug placement on varied table sizes.

  • Duck - A heavy, tightly woven cotton fabric known for its thickness and durability as a table cover.

  • Lace & Sheers - Layer lightweight overlays introducing textural intrigue.

  • Canvas - A durable, thick cotton fabric with a sturdy table cover base.

  • Drill - A strong, medium-weight twill cotton fabric used for table covers requiring a stiff drape.

  • Sheeting - An easy-care plain weave cotton fabric ideal for smooth, wrinkle-resistant table covers.

Uses and Characteristics of Table Cover Fabric

  • Stain resistance prevents absorption into fibres

  • Easy cleaning via machine washing, minimal ironing

  • Durability withstanding friction, pulls and laundering  

  • Absorbency where needed, preventing condensation rings

  • Contour fit capabilities for smooth visuals on varied tables

  • Aesthetic qualities from colours, prints and embellishments 

  • Protects underlying table surfaces from new damage

Why Should You Buy Table Cover Fabric Online?

Online table cover retailers like TradeUNO offer far more extensive variety, including hard-to-find fabrics or custom, digitally hard-to-finders for special events or promotional branding. Swatch samples check quality, while reviews assess reputation. Deep discounts afforded by direct bulk purchases get passed along, providing boutique quality at unbeatable value suited to small quantity cuts.

Table Cover Fabric Latest Trends 2023 for Festivals & Occasions

  • Vibrant digital photo prints transform tablescapes into artistic canvas through food photography and modern graphic art arrangements.

  • Custom digitally printed covers showcase venue location specifics, event branding or logos for highly targeted promotional merchandising.

  • Neutral Palette: Soft hues of maroon, brown, deep blue, green, and ochre are popular.

  • Textures: Boucle and woven fabrics with natural yarns like linen are a big trend.

  • Raw Sophistication: Linens and cottons impart visual interest and a palpable earthiness.

  • Bold, Bright Colors: Paired with unexpected fabrics and textures.

  • Traditional and Avant-garde Styles: A mix creating a unique look.

  • High-Performance Fabrics: Sought after for their durability.

FAQs about Table Cover Fabric

1. What's the difference between tablecloths and table covers?

Ans: Tablecloths typically refer to full coverage floor length options, while table covers denote tailored shorter runners or overlays focused just on the tabletop surface itself.

2. Should table linens match other dining elements?

Ans: Matching or complementing linens with napkins, chair upholstery, etc., creates a coordinated upscale aesthetic, yet contrasts can also produce dramatic statements suiting more futuristic tastes.

3. Which fabric is best for outdoor table covering?

Ans: Performance materials like polyester or canvas withstand sun exposure, wind and moisture, retaining a crisp taught appearance despite the elements. Soft natural wovens risk sagging when damp, defeating presentation aims. 

4. How often should table linens get replaced?

Ans: Annually assessing cover wear helps determine replacement timing, though stain-resistant fabrics boast longevity lasting years with proper laundering. Faded colours or fabric pilling signal time for a fresh set. 

5. Where can the widest selection of table cover fabrics be found?

Ans: Online speciality merchants like TradeUNO offer the widest selection of table cover fabrics online. They provide a vast range of premium quality fabrics with trendy designs. With global shipping and secure payment methods, TradeUNO is a convenient platform for buying fabrics.

Table Cover Fabric Online Fabric Price List

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RFD White solid 2/10*6 Canvas Fabric ₹206.0
RFD White solid 2/4*2/4 Canvas Fabric ₹308.0
Organic Brown Solid 30 X 30 Sheeting Fabric ₹164.0
RFD White solid 2/24*2/24 Canvas Fabric ₹308.0
Organic Blue Solid Cotton Matty Fabric ₹320.0

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