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What is Trending Now Fabric?

Trending now fabrics describe popular textiles gaining momentum in the current fashion landscape. These on-trend textiles get widely incorporated across clothing and crafts as they capture the prevailing aesthetic trend. 

Trending fabrics tend to have novelty properties in their texture, print, colour, technique or sustainability impact, sparking widespread interest and desire. They possess distinct visual and tactile appeal aligned to emerging creative expressions of the times beyond classic selections. 

Ancient Traces

  • Tracing textile trends interlinked with cultural shifts and historical events.

  • Social media accelerates trend circulation from 2000s digital interconnectivity.

  • Fast fashion demand increased around the 2010s for quickly adopting catwalk styles. 

  • Sustainability consciousness from the 2020s compels eco-friendly and upcycled trends.


  • Crafting - Projects harnessing trending materials from wall hangings to jewellery  

  • Accessories - Handbags, hair accessories, masks sporting leading fabric looks

  • Sportswear apparel - Sportswear integrating trendy technical materials like neoprene

Types of Trending Now Fabric

Current trending fabrics include:

  • Upcycled and deadstock fabrics using pre-existing materials sustainably

  • Double gauze - lightweight crinkly cotton woven origin from Japan

  • Cupro - regenerated cellulose fibre, a sustainable alternative to silk  

  • Neoprene - synthetic rubber-coated foam with a weatherproof function

  • Seersucker - breezy puckered lightweight all-cotton or cotton blend 

  • Guipure lace - large floral decadent embroidery look cotton lace  

  • Ribbed cotton blends - form-fitting knits with alternating raised lines

  • Faux leather - vegan leather mimics from recycled plastics 

  • Checked/gingham - Timeless all-cotton basketweave checks popping back

  • Terry cloth - Absorbent loops pile French cotton, excellent for loungewear

Some more trending fabric types include:

  • Net - Sheer is an open mesh fabric commonly used for overlays.

  • Poly Satin - Shiny satin-like fabric made from synthetic fibres like polyester. 

  • Brocade silk - Richly decorated silk woven with ornate raised designs.

  • Canvas - Durable, thick cotton fabric with a tight weave.

  • Celina satin - Smooth, lustrous satin of rayon and acetate blend. 

  • Chanderi is a lightweight sheer cotton fabric known for its texture.

  • Chanderi Velvet - Soft, finely woven velvet from Chanderi region. 

  • Chanderi silk is a delicate silk fabric originating from Chanderi, India.

  • Chanderi silk jacquard - Decorative Chanderi silk with woven jacquard designs.

  • Chanderi velvet - Velvet with traditional motifs made in Chanderi.

  • Chinnon - Lightweight sheer fabric with a crisp finish.

  • Cotton is a breathable, versatile natural fibre fabric. 

  • Crepe - Fabric with wavy texture and bouncy drape.

  • Crochet - Textile with an open lacy pattern made by hand/machine knitting. 

  • Muslin - Lightweight, plain woven cotton fabric.

  • Organza - Sheer, crisp silk or synthetic material.

  • Satin - Smooth, lustrous fabric with shine and drape.

  • Satin Organza - Blend of satin's lustre with organza's stiffness.

  • Silk - Luxurious natural protein fibre fabric.

  • Tanchuijamewarsilk - Fine silk featuring Jamewar weave from Tanchui.

  • Tanchuisilk - High-quality silk made in the Tanchui region using traditional techniques.

  • Tissue - Lightweight, sheer, gauze-like fabric.

  • TissueOrga - Blended fabric with qualities of tissue and organza.

Uses and Characteristics of Trending Now Fabric

  • Sheer fabrics like net, organza, and tissue add lightweight dimensions as overlays and accents. Delicate and dreamy.

  • Silky satins and taffetas make graceful slinky dresses, skirts and blouses. Luxurious liquid-like drape.

  • Embellished brocades and jacquard-weave silks create ornate traditional wear and decadent eveningwear. Lavish ornamentation.

  • Soft fluid fabrics like chiffon, georgette and crepe flutter dramatically on the body and move with the air—ethereal fluidity. 

  • Velvets and velveteens express texture through depth and sheen for luxurious cold-weather fashions. Plush density.

  • Stretchy knits sculpt the body as figure-hugging tops, dresses and leisure wear. Flexible mobility. 

Why Should You Buy Trending Now Fabric Online?

Sourcing trending fabrics online through eminent online marketplaces like TradeUNO grants:

  • Finger on the pulse of breaking textile trends from the international market purview

  • Immediate adoption of rising fabric fads before mainstream saturation  

  • Ahead of the competition for keeping offerings updated  

  • Low-risk trial ability to test trends before overcommitting

  • Convenient global shopping for tricky-to-source materials 

Trending Now Fabric Latest Trends 2023 for Festivals & Occasions

  • Decadent ornate traditional Indian motifs and floral prints strike a festive note  

  • Auspicious crimson red and golden yellow colour drapes signal celebration

  • Subtly sparkling accents from Lurex metallic threads for spotlight glimmer 

  • Tap into 90s early 00s nostalgia, revisiting minimalist slip dresses

  • Faux fur emerges as a seasonal translation of holiday cosiness

  • Velvets make a meaningful comeback for rich depth as party-dressing 

  • Upcycled saris reimagined into heirloom crafts gifting

Frequently Asked Questions about Trending Fabrics

1. How often do trending fabrics change?

Ans: Fabric trends evolve across seasonal fashion cycles and cultural shifts, averaging every few months. 

2. Where can I buy niche trending materials?

Ans: Speciality online fabric shops like TradeUNO access global supply chains for tricky-to-source trending materials.

3. How do I style less familiar trending fabrics? 

Ans: Look to Social media influencers and mood boards for style inspiration on working on new textile trends. 

4. Are trending fabrics cheaper to buy online?

Ans: Yes, buying directly from wholesalers online helps get competitive rates on niche trending fabrics.

5. Will trendy fabrics purchased online match the description?  

Ans: Reputable retailers like TradeUNO take quality assurance measures to portray fabric properties correctly.

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