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Kurta Fabric

Kurta fabric refers to cloth used to make the traditional Indian upper body garment for men and women called the Kurta. Common choices include cotton, silk, khadi and blends.


  • The Kurta originated as a knee-length collarless shirt in medieval India. 
  • Muslin, calico cotton, silk and brocade were traditionally used for kurtas worn by royalty. 
  • Today, the versatile Kurta has evolved with modern fabrics and prints. 


  • Kurta fabric has traditionally been used to make kurtas and kurta-pyjamas, the ubiquitous Indian upper garment for men, as daily and semi-formal wear.
  • For women, kurta fabric is used to make suits with churidars, salwars, or long ankle-length kurtis paired with jeans or leggings for a fusion look.
  • Fine embroidery-adorned fabrics are chosen to make opulent wedding kurtas for grooms and elaborate gilt-trimmed kameez for the bride and bridal party.
  • Kurtas tailored from brocade silks serve as formal office wear—cotton crafts everyday college kurtas for boys and girls.
  • Innovative global fusion designers are also experimenting with constructing dresses, gowns, jumpsuits and tunics using Indian textiles like kurta cloth.


  • Cotton - Chambray, voile, lawn, cambric
  • Silk - Matka, tussar, crepe 
  • Khadi - Handspun, textured fabric
  • Blends - Cotton-silk, cotton-wool
  • Prints - Ajrakh, bagh, digital  

Uses & Characteristics

  • Extremely airy and breathable, allowing ventilation in hot Indian weather. Cotton kurta fabrics mainly absorb sweat and provide comfort.
  • Natural fibres like cotton, silk, and khadi efficiently absorb and wick moisture away from the skin.
  • High absorbency also makes kurta fabrics easy to wash and dry. Requires less repetitive washing.  
  • Versatile for a wide range of Indian ethnic wear purposes - formal office or festive wear kurtas, casual everyday kurtas.
  • Available in solids, classic checks and modern striking prints and patterns for different looks.
  • There is a wide variety of drapes, with lighter fabrics draping beautifully around body contours.
  • Fabrics like cotton-silk and cotton-wool blends provide the thermal insulation required for winter kurtas. 
  • Blend fabrics less prone to creasing and wrinkling, easy fabric care. 
  • Innovative digital prints, reflective prints and embroidered patterns are emerging with seasonal fashion trends.
  • Suitable for women's kurtas and tunics - casual to statement occasion wear like wedding kameez ensembles in ornate fabrics. 

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2024 Trends 

  • Vibrant solid colours - fiery reds, purple, royal blues, and emerald greens- are highlighted with gota embroidery to make a statement in festivals like Diwali, Navratri, and Holi.
  • Woven silk brocades with metallic gold and silver for a regal ceremonial look at weddings.   
  • Intricate zardozi, kundan, ari and resham hand embroidery elevating luxe fabrics.
  • Festive chanderi and bandhani prints spotted in bold or pastel colours look ultra festive. 
  • Fashionable, readymade digital prints of floral motifs like lotus, roses, peacocks and paisley in vibrant hues. 
  • Mixing traditional bandhani tie-dye techniques with modern abstract prints for Indo-Western styling.
  • Pastel ombré dye effects on light, flowy fabrics like chanderi cotton for understated elegance.
  • Innovative neons, highlighter solids and reflective prints enter young celebration and party wear. 


Which fabrics are best for kurtas in summer?

For summer kurtas, choose lightweight, breezy cotton fabrics like voile, cambric, or cotton muslin that enable airflow to keep you cool and comfortable. 

What kurta fabrics are suitable for winter wear?

Choose woollen fabrics, silk, cotton-silk, and cotton-wool blends that are toasty while remaining breathable for winter kurtas.

How can I choose the best Kurta fabric online? 

Before making a purchase, consider fabric density in GSM, shrinkage, composition ratios such as 80% cotton and 20% silk, and sizes available based on your dimensions and customer ratings.

What kind of fabric is best for printed kurtas?

Pure cotton, particularly mulmul, is the greatest foundation for printed kurtas because it absorbs colours well, resulting in crisper, brighter prints that remain longer through washes. 

Which kurta fabric needs the least amount of ironing?

Natural fibres such as pure cotton, mulberry silk, and khadi are crease-resistant fabrics that require less ironing than synthetics.

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