About us

Welcome to TradeUNO Fabrics, India’s first curated B2B Marketplace for Fabrics, powered by Game Changers Texfab Pvt. Ltd. We are a Supply chain orchestration company in the fabric domain, established 7 years ago by visionary entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to create an ecosystem that is profitable for all its stakeholders.

Our fabric products cover a wide spectrum, from plain fabric, garments, designer wear and much more. We go beyond the conventional business practices to deliver quality and convenience to you. That’s why we always try to meet your expectations, even if your requirement is not in our catalogue. We also print custom designs and deliver any quantity, anywhere across the country.

Our Story

India’s textile sector is one of the oldest and most vibrant industries in the Indian economy and is a repository and carrier of traditional skills, heritage and culture. Estimated to be worth over $250 billion dollars by 2025, it comprises of the unorganised and organised sectors of the textile industry, from the traditional handloom, handicrafts and sericulture, to the modern spinning, weaving, knitting, processing and garmenting. However, there has always been considerable scope for improvement as the industry faces many challenges, such as low productivity, lack of innovation, poor quality, fragmented supply chain and inadequate infrastructure. This was what led to the establishment of TradeUNO. Our purpose was to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers by providing a curated B2B Marketplace that caters to the entire textile value chain. We leverage supply-chain efficiencies, technology and networks to help SMEs source & sell better.

The mission

Our mission is to offer our customers a curated experience, wide selection, and best value through a risk-free, tech-enabled marketplace. We strive to create a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers by ensuring quality, transparency, and trust.

The Vision

Our vision is to be the force multiplier for the Indian Textile SME sector by providing a marketplace of choice where SMEs can buy and sell online without barriers or restrictions. We aim to empower our customers with the best products and services at the best prices.

Leveraging technology to create a seamless experience

Business digitalisation: Accuracy and trust through technology

We start our journey by digitising over 120+ item properties that have been tailored to the intended usage of each product. These qualities go above and beyond the bare minimum to meet the sophisticated standards of today's discerning businesses. 

We tackle every aspect, from wrinkle recovery to biodegradability, UV resistance to breathability. In addition to bringing everything on our web platform, this thorough digitalisation also does away with the necessity for human interface. It gives us the ability to sell products legally, guaranteeing total material and composition transparency and fostering everlasting customer trust.

Implementations that prioritise customer empowerment: Quickness, selection, and visualisations

We have embraced different tech-enabled features that help purchasers to make quick judgements in our effort to increase company speed. Users of our Visual Search feature can use picture search to pick the ideal cloth from a large range. 

By automatically showing how the fabric will appear in various designs, including kurtis, tops, maxis, skirts, kaftans, and more, the Fabric Visualisation Tool goes a step further. 

Additionally, we have integrated digital printing capabilities into our platform, giving our customers complete control over their options.

Establishing an online ecosystem: Increasing options and empowering designers a universe of possibilities

In addition to our main business operations, we're building a strong digital environment. Designers from prestigious institutes like NIFT/NIFD and many more creative minds are welcome in this ecosystem. It includes social media trend-inspired designs as well as AI-generated designs that make use of Deep AI and Open AI. 

Designers add their works to our platform, and we pay them depending on the sales that result from those works.

A technological advancement

For instance, Reliance Retail required over 1,000 new design options in order to increase its daily clothing sales from 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs. TradeUNO rose to the occasion by utilising our community and the strength of OpenAI and DeepAI to produce a wide range of design options at scale.

TradeUNO is a leader in the field of technology-driven innovation. We're not simply staying up; we're leading the way in innovation and creating new standards for the sector.

Solving the unresolved issues of the textile industry

Identifying the Issues

  • An unorganised and primitive landscape: The textile sector has, however, long operated in an archaic and disorganised manner despite its size and potential. It is a dispersed environment that is rife with inefficiencies, difficulties, and lost chances.
  • Capital restraints and knowledge gaps: SME vendors in this industry are up against formidable odds. They can't invest in crucial areas like sales, marketing, and distribution due to capital limitations and a lack of competence.


  • Buyers' limited options and limited resources: On the other hand, buyers are restricted by a lack of resources. It is difficult to navigate 22 textile clusters spread out across the country. They frequently discover that they are constrained to a "Best of 3 quotes" approach, which restricts their options and limits their potential.


Information asymmetries: A roadblock to progress: The textile industry is plagued by a severe information asymmetry. As a result, there are higher costs, fewer options for buyers, bigger lots, and worse capacity utilisation for sellers. There is a clear need for a knowledgeable middleman to close this gap.

The supply chain's simplification

We at TradeUNO have set out to transform the textile industry. We are the knowledgeable middleman that eliminates information asymmetry, simplifies the supply chain, and catapults the textile sector into a new century.

For our extensive clientele comprising over 600 distinguished brands, we consistently achieve remarkable outcomes. We offer our clients an impressive array of choices and tailored solutions, coupled with accessible credit options and unwavering commitment to quality control. All the while, we diligently reduce costs by a substantial margin ranging from 5% to 15%.

Our proven success is evident through our FY23 sales of 100 crores, showcasing a remarkable 186% increase from the previous year. Additionally, our monthly order processing capacity, currently at 15 crores, has the potential to handle even higher volumes due to our increased working capital.

The way ahead: Developing potential by increasing effectiveness

TradeUNO is concerned with the future as well as the present. We are confident in our ability to execute brilliantly and efficiently at a reasonable cost, and we have discovered levers to increase our gross margins.

As we script the future of the textile industry, where innovation meets tradition and opportunity has no boundaries, join us.

  • Sanjeev Goel

    A visionary leader, Sanjeev Goel has an Executive MBA (GLP) from Duke University and an M.Tech. from IIT-Delhi.

    Sanjeev manages our business strategy, research, analytics, go-to-market strategies, working capital management, financial health, performance measures, and fund-raising activities. His history includes top positions in the Aditya Birla Group.

    Along the way, he has held important positions with well-known companies like BPL, BILT, Hindalco, Novelis, Nuvo, ABOF, and the Aditya Birla Group. Sanjeev made significant contributions to the success of the Aditya Birla Group during his most recent position as global CIO-IT Integration.

    Sanjeev is in charge of guiding the ship and setting TradeUNO's strategic course. His insightful findings and forward-thinking attitude have greatly influenced the direction of our vision. TradeUNO's success is largely a result of data-driven decisions. Sanjeev's proficiency in research and analytics makes sure we stay on top of things.

    He is the driving force behind TradeUNO's market presence, directing programmes that position TradeUNO at the top of the textile sector. Sanjeev keeps TradeUNO on a track of sustainable growth by maintaining a razor-sharp focus on financial health.

    Success evaluation is crucial. Sanjeev creates and tracks the performance indicators that help us stay on course. His background in collecting investments and raising finance is essential to TradeUNO's growth and development ambitions.

  • Ankur Aggrawal

    A SASMIRA alumnus combines his technical prowess with an in-depth knowledge of supply chain management. Ankur oversees the operations of our marketplace and has over 12 years of expertise in the textile sector. He makes sure that everything is done with extreme care, including onboarding, certifications, procurement, sales, and fulfilment as well as value-added services, Ankur looks after our marketplace operations and makes sure everything operates smoothly. He is the go-to person for flawless performance in all areas, from due diligence to sales.

    Ankur upholds TradeUNO's dedication to quality by being meticulous in his approach and making sure that each vendor and buyer adheres to our requirements. He is in charge of certifications, ensuring that only the best and most dependable vendors are included on our platform.

    Ankur excels at supply chain efficiency. He enhances our products by streamlining the purchase process. The foundation of TradeUNO's success is a robust customer base. Ankur is a master in this field, guaranteeing that the needs of our clients are not just fulfilled but exceeded. An essential component of TradeUNO's operations is financial management. Ankur makes sure that our accounting and collections run smoothly, supporting our financial stability, customer relations, accounting, and collections.