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About Us

TradeUNO is India’s first curated B2B Marketplace for Textiles, providing a pure-play horizontal platform. We connect Manufacturers, Processors, Sellers & Buyers – ensuring Easy, Efficient, Secure trade of Supplies & Services.


  • Indian Textile Ecosystem has over 200,000 entities competing in a USD 138 Bn Market.
  • SME’s forming 86% of this Market are marginalized and undeserved.
  • B2B Buyers struggle with limited choice, narrow access, unoptimized prices and Trust issues.
  • B2B Sellers face Limited reach, inconsistent orders, unsold inventories, sub-optimal pricing and Payment delays.
  • TradeUNO bridges this gap for both Buyers & Sellers, via India’s first curated B2B Marketplace.
  • We catering to entire Textile value-chain which includes Yarn, Fabrics, Home Textiles, PVC & Luggage Fabrics.
  • Marketplace leverages Supply-chain efficiencies, Technology & Network effects to help SMEs source & sell better.