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Our carefully curated collection showcases a diverse range of tropical patterns, from lush palm leaves swaying in the breeze to vibrant hibiscus blossoms blooming under the sun. They are made from the finest materials to ensure both comfort and durability.
Our carefully curated collection showcases a diverse range of tropical patterns, from lush palm leaves swaying in the breeze to vibrant hibiscus blossoms blooming under the sun. They are made from the finest materials to ensure both comfort and durability.
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What is Tropical Print Fabric?

Tropical print fabric is a bright and dashing textile with fun, exotic motifs drawn from tropical flora and fauna. With bright and vibrant designs, this fabric infuses a dollop of paradise into the fashion world as well. Tropical flowers and palm leaves, along with wildlife prints, enhance the lively and fresh quality. With your warm-weather styles and many other applications, tropical print fabric makes any project lively and playful.

History of Tropical Print Fabric

  • The Story of tropical printed fabric goes back to the mid-20th century when it became fashionable in clothing and interior design. 

  • The fabric's patterns came mainly from the rich and colourful flora and fauna of tropical regions. 

  • At first, it was the preserve of resort wear, but it later spread to become an urban style icon. 

  • It became a symbol not only for resorts everywhere but also embodied all that is laid-back and carefree.

Applications of Tropical Print Fabric

Common uses for tropical print fabric include resort wear like flowy dresses, maxi skirts, and lightweight pants perfect for tropical destinations. The fabric materials used for tropical patterns are crepe, rayon, jute, etc.

The vibrant colours and whimsical nature patterns also work beautifully in home decor projects like quilts, pillows, furniture upholstery, curtains, and accent fabrics.

Types of Tropical Print Fabric

The different types of tropical print fabric are as follows:

Type Description
Cotton Most common base, soft & breathable
Rayon Silky look with dramatic drape
Linen Natural material with a loose weave
Cotton blends Mixes like cotton-poly with easy care & wrinkle resistance

Uses and Characteristics of Tropical Print Fabric

  • Tropical print fabric brings a sense of escapism and vibrant energy, perfect for vacation wardrobes and home decor wanting to evoke an exotic mood. 

  • The bold colours and saturated imagery pair wonderfully with solids to prevent overwhelm in apparel or interior design projects. 

  • While palm frond and oversized floral motifs dominate, contemporary tropical prints incorporate modern colours like corals, aquas, chartreuse, and metallics upon darker grounds for a striking contrast. 

  • The lively patterns suit flowing garments like maxi dresses, skirts, coverups, and loose linen pants for beachy, boho aesthetics. 

  • Quilters and crafters also appreciate the fabric's graphic playfulness for accessories, trims, home goods, and bright patchwork quilts. 

  • From decadent cabana style to eclectic tiki chic, tropical prints create an instant island vibe.

Why Should I Buy Tropical Print Fabric Online?

Online platforms like TradeUNO offer wider selections of unique, novelty tropical prints not readily available from chain fabric stores. Rare, indie patterns line small-batch runs while classics like hibiscus blooms or monstera leaves stay stocked in myriad colourways for easy one-stop shopping.

Tropical Print Fabric Latest Trends 2024

  • Bolder iterations of tropical prints reign in 2024 with intense colour contrasts, daring scale juxtapositions, and exotic motifs like birds of paradise and tropical sea life. 

  • Vintage inspiration shows in digitally printed barkcloths and traditional Hawaiian quilt blocks upon muted neutrals. 

  • Abstract prints focus on details like isolated palms and layered flower cut-outs for stylized effects. 

  • Metallic foil foliage glints against inky grounds, evoking night blooms, while neon brights amplify hyper-saturated shades. 

  • Modern takes on batik patterns also make waves with dye-like watercolour designs. 

  • Altogether, tropical prints go daring yet refined for uniquely artful looks.

FAQs about Tropical Print Fabric

1. What sewing patterns feature tropical prints? 

Ans: Major pattern companies offer tropical/resort wear patterns for dresses, pants, swimwear, etc. Indie designers focus specifically on the niche.

2. What colours pair well with tropical prints? 

Ans: Black, navy, khaki, white, tan, and mustard all make classic neutral backdrops against which tropicals can pop. Lean into contrast.

3. Is tropical print fabric good for apparel? 

Ans: Yes, breezy viscose and cotton tropical prints work beautifully for dresses, coverups, and lightweight separates meant for tropical destinations.

4. What glues work on tropical print fabric? 

Ans: Washable fabric glues like Aleene's Flexible Fabric Adhesive or Beacon Fabri-Tac bond most fabric types, including cotton blends found in tropical prints.

5. How should I maintain tropical print fabric? 

Ans: To maintain tropical print fabric, machine wash it in cold water and avoid bleach. Additionally, air-drying or using a low heat setting on the dryer helps preserve the vibrant colours and prevent damage.

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