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What is Pillows Fabric?

Pillow fabrics refer to the outer material used to cover pillow inserts. They are available in a range of materials like cotton, muslin, polyester cotton, cotton dupion, cotton denim, etc. Pillow covers constitute an integral part of home decor and bedding, adding style and comfort to spaces.

History of Pillows Fabric

The pillow was invented for use by ancient man. It first consisted of hardened stone, later replaced with straw or feathers as a more comfortable material. During the middle ages, pillows became status symbols and elaborate designs were added to them. The Industrial Revolution brought mass production, and the pillows became available to everyone. Today, many types of fabric, such as cotton, muslin, linen and even synthetics, are used; shapes and sizes vary according to personal taste.

Applications of Pillows Fabric

The versatile application of pillow fabrics is to cover the pillow insert and lends a smooth, decorative outer finish. They serve functional purposes of comfort and support while sleeping and resting, along with ornamental purposes as decor accents that enhance room aesthetics. The fabrics also determine pillow properties like breathability, durability, ease of maintenance, etc.

Types of Pillows Fabric

The different types of pillow fabric are as follows:

Fabric Type Characteristics
Cotton Breathable, soft, durable, absorbent
Linen Lightweight, strong, lustrous
Silk Smooth, lustrous, delicate
Velvet Rich, elegant, high-pile
Muslin Lightweight, breathable, soft
Corduroy Soft, durable, distinct wale pattern

Uses and Characteristics of Pillows Fabric

  • Pillow fabrics serve dual functionality - while the decorative outer fabric lends aesthetic appeal, the fabric characteristics determine suitability for various pillow types. 
  • Lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton, muslin and linen work well for regular bed pillows by allowing airflow and adjusting to head shape. 
  • Silk and satin lend a luxurious, glamorous look for ornamental pillows in living spaces. 
  • Velvet and corduroy fabrics create plush, cosy pillows perfect for floor cushions or reading pillows. 
  • Water-resistant and easy-to-clean fabrics are great for kids' room pillows and outdoor patio pillows, which require frequent maintenance. 

Choosing fabric types based on pillow function and placement area ensures maximum comfort and utility.

Why Should I Buy Pillows Fabric Online?

Online stores offer a wider range of unique pillow fabrics that are not easily available locally. Browsing and buying fabrics is convenient alongside doorstep delivery. Great deals, cashback and seasonal discounts provide cost benefits. Easy returns and swaps offer flexibility. Product quality assurance from trusted online brands like TradeUNO provides confidence while buying fabrics online.

Pillows Fabric Latest Trends 2024 for Festivals & Occasions

Festive occasion-based pillow fabrics are popular this season. 

  • Rich velvets with intricate embroidery and sequins dominate wedding and reception decor. 
  • Intricate banarasi silk and brocade are trending for festive pillows. 
  • Nature themes with botanical prints and feather/leaf/floral designs in vibrant colours lend a fresh spring-summer look. 
  • Patriotic designs and national flag depictions make creative Republic Day accents. 
  • Valentine's decor sees red satins and lace trims for a vibrant feel. 
  • Christmas themes featuring checks, plaids and holiday motifs like reindeer, snowflakes and pine cones usher in the festive mood.


What fabrics are best for regular bed pillows?

Cotton and linen work well for regular bed pillows as they allow airflow and are breathable, lightweight as well as adjustable.

Which fabrics should I choose for floor cushions?

Plush velvet and corduroy fabrics are great choices for floor cushions and reading pillows to create a cosy, comfortable effect.

What are some easy-to-maintain kids' pillow fabrics?

Water-resistant fabrics and those which can be machine-washed easily make for convenient kids' pillow options considering frequent use and spills.

How do festive pillow fabrics create decorative effects?

Through colours, prints, embroidery, sequins, etc, related to the festive theme that lends ornamental detailing suited to the occasion.

How can I maintain pillow fabrics?

To maintain pillow fabrics, regularly fluff and rotate them to prevent uneven wear. Follow care instructions, spot clean when needed, and wash removable covers according to fabric recommendations.

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