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What is Paper Silk Fabric?

Paper silk fabric, also known as tissue silk or hydegrade silk, is a lightweight, plain, woven fabric with a wavy texture. It resembles tissue paper in look and feel. It is made from synthetic fibres like rayon, polyester and nylon, which mimic the sheen and drape of natural silk but are priced much lower. It has a flowing, airy construction, making it suitable for draping.

History of Paper Silk Fabric

The paper silk fabric originated in ancient China, where artisans made textile-like traditional silk from the fibres of the mulberry tree. Developed during Japan's Edo period, this unique material has a fine texture and steely sheen. Invented over centuries, paper silk combines old-school craftsmanship and brand-new sustainability. 

These flexible textiles are made to keep up with today's fashion and design world. This is the history of traditional Chinese ingenuity, evolving through Japan's refinement and finally being recognised worldwide for its unique merits.

Applications of Paper Silk Fabric

Paper silk fabric is used to construct a variety of women's apparel like dresses, gowns, skirts, blouses, scarves and beach coverups owing to its lightweight drape and flow. It is also used in home furnishing products like curtains, cushion covers and tablecloth runners. Many crafters also favour paper silk for sewing crafts projects like flower making, lampshades, jewellery pouches, gift bags, etc., that require a silk-like sheen.

Types of Paper Silk Fabric

The various types of paper silk fabric are as follows:

Fabric Type Key Features Common Usage
Rayon Paper Silk Fine crinkly texture, elegant drape Dresses, scarves
Polyester Paper Silk Wrinkle resistance, ease of dyeing Interior decor, crafts
Nylon Paper Silk Stronger and more durable Light curtains, table runners
Twill Paper Silk Diagonal rib weave, durability Casual pants, jackets

Uses and Characteristics of Paper Silk Fabric

  • Flowy, airy construction allows comfortable drape around the body
  • Delicate translucent fabric that filters light beautifully
  • Crinkly texture provides visual interest and movement
  • Sheer fabric allowing it to be layered or worn alone
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable nature suits sensitive skin
  • Affordable silk-like sheen elevating the look of outfits
  • Favours use of vibrant dyes yielding rich colours
  • Easy to sew and handle compared to natural silk
  • Ideal for constructing a wide range of feminine apparel and decor items

Why Should I Buy Paper Silk Fabric Online?

Shopping online provides exclusive access to the latest paper silk fabric designs and seasonal collections at the best prices. Buying it by the yard allows purchasing the exact quantity needed, saving money. There is no need to step out or stand in long billing queues. Reputable sites like TradeUNO provide complete fabric details, minimising surprises. Quick doorstep delivery and easy returns policies also favour buying this delicately textured fabric from online stores.

Paper Silk Fabric Latest Trends 2024 for Festivals & Occasions

Vintage floral prints in dusty tones and intricate paisley patterns on paper silk will be hot picks for boho chic and Indie-style dresses this festive season. Vibrant tropical foliage and batik prints are also forecasted to trend. Pastel ombre printed silk, along with butta prints, will gain popularity for flowy skirts and dupattas during spring festivities. Solid paper silk in pop bright colours like fuchsia and chartreuse will also see higher traction.


Is paper silk fabric the same as real silk?

Ans: No, paper silk is made from synthetic fibres like rayon, nylon, and polyester, which are engineered to mimic the look and feel of real silk. Real silk is spun by silkworms.

What makes paper silk fabric crinkly in texture?

Ans: Paper silk uses finer thread counts during weaving, giving it a gauzy translucent effect. Heat treatment and embossing create the signature crinkly texture resembling tissue paper.

Should paper silk fabric be dry-cleaned?

Ans: Most paper silk variants can be gently hand-washed in cold water using a mild detergent. Stubborn stains may require professional dry cleaning. Check the garment care label.

Does paper silk fabric wrinkle easily?

Ans: It has a tendency to wrinkle; hence, it should be steam-pressed on the reverse side before use. Storing folded paper silk garments under pressure also minimises wrinkling.

What trends will be seen in paper silk fabric?

Ans: Vintage floral prints, ombre effects, abstract patterns and vivid batik prints will be on trend this season. Solid bright pops of colour, lightweight constructions and flowy dresses made in paper silk will also gain prominence.

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