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What is Upholstery Fabric?

Upholstery fabric refers to woven and nonwoven textiles specifically designed for covering furniture like couches, chairs, headboards, ottomans, and cushions. More durable versions withstand regular use on seating while still offering aesthetic benefits like colours, textures, and patterns to decorate a room.

History of Upholstery Fabric

  • Furniture upholstery originated in the Middle Ages, using woven textiles like wool and velvet, which were reserved only for the elite. 

  • The 18th century saw more widespread upholstery use, including chintz cotton, in Europe. 

  • Today’s wide range of high-performance fabrics that are suitable for heavy use owes innovation to 20th-century textile technology and new synthetic fibres.

Applications of Upholstery Fabric

  • The main application of upholstery fabric is covering seating like sofas or headboards and cushioning in private residences and commercial spaces like offices, hotels, cruises, and nursing homes. 

  • Using appropriate performance fabrics helps these upholstered furnishings withstand regular wear and tear from daily use.

Types of Upholstery Fabric

The various types of upholstery fabrics are as follows:

Type Features
Cotton Breathable natural fibre good for light use
Microfiber Affordable with softness and durability
Leather/Vinyl Resilient options good for high-traffic
Wool Naturally soil/stain resistant
Polyester Wrinkle and fade-resistant

Uses and Characteristics of Upholstery Fabrics

  • From heavy-use sofas to accent chairs rarely sat in, upholstery fabric needs to suit the furniture’s purpose. 

  • Abrasion-resistant materials withstand friction, while tight weaves limit poking damage from claws or heels. 

  • Highly durable fibres like nylon hold up to soil; stains are inevitable with life’s messes. 

  • Many feature nanotechnology coatings helping liquids bead up instead of absorbing. 

  • Warm, welcoming textures and colours aid decoration goals, too – beautifully draping wools offer cabin cosiness while cheerful chintzes freshen up sunrooms. 

  • Cleanable, bleach-friendly options assist caregivers with upholstering for elderly families or those with special needs. 

  • Whether enduring high-traffic waiting rooms or kids’ play areas, uplifting, spirited spaces, or making artistic statements, today’s upholstery fabrics promote both function and aesthetic possibility through innovative engineering tailored to wide-ranging needs.

Why Should I Buy Upholstery Fabric Online?

Online stores like TradeUNO conveniently offer wider selections of upholstery fabric styles not readily available locally, including common performance types like crypton as well as more unique, novelty prints and textures. 

Knowledgeable customer service representatives also provide expertise in selecting appropriately durable fabrics suited for particular furniture uses and traffic levels in home or commercial settings.

Upholstery Fabric Latest Trends 2024

  • Sophisticated takes on traditional patterns dominate 2024 upholstery fabric trends with chinoiserie and toile, updating historical influences through abstract motifs and modern colour palettes. 

  • Textural fabrics like chenille and velvet suit transitional spaces, gravitating towards cosy elements. 

  • Architecturally inspired geometrics and global folk designs also provide artistic flair, blending vintage character with contemporary open floorplans. 

  • Distressed solid textures offer weathered appeal without vintage fragility. 

  • Across fabrics suited for both high-traffic spaces and accent upholstery, embellished styles add depth and dimension while balancing livability - elevating areas with fabric as art.

FAQs about Upholstery Fabric

1. What fabric is best for high-traffic upholstery? 

Ans: Durable synthetics like olefin or polyester, leather, and performance fabrics with built-in stain resistance suit high-traffic upholstery best.

2. What fabric is good for outdoor upholstery? 

Ans: Weather-resistant fabrics like solution-dyed acrylic, polyester, or olefin suit outdoor furniture upholstery exposed to sun and moisture.

3. Is upholstery fabric sold by the yard? 

Ans: Yes, retailers sell upholstery fabric by the yard in standard 54” width rolls, just like typical apparel/quilting fabrics.

4. Can you use apparel fabric for light upholstery? 

Ans: Only durable medium-weight apparel fabrics should upholster items like accent chairs or stools that are lightly sat on.

5. How should I maintain upholstery fabric?

Ans: Maintaining upholstery fabric involves regular vacuuming and occasional professional cleaning to preserve its appearance and longevity.

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