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What is Home Collection Fabrics?

Home collection fabrics refer to textiles and decorative materials used in home furnishing applications like curtains, upholstery, bedding, table linen, cushion covers, etc. They encompass a wide range of fabrics, from natural fibres like cotton, linen, and jute to synthetics like polyester, nylon and more, available in diverse weaves, prints and finishes. Home fabrics add style, comfort and functionality to living spaces.


  • Origins trace back to cottage weaving of basic home textiles in ancient times. 

  • Mechanised looms and fabric production emerged from the 18th-century textile revolution.

  • An expanded variety of home fabrics with manmade fibres became available by the 20th century. 

  • The 21st century sees digital printing for customised home decor fabrics and intelligent textiles.


  • Window treatments - fabrics like sheers, embroidered panels, and blackout or insulated options used for aesthetic and functional window dressing

  • Upholstered furniture - woven and non-woven textiles cover seating, headboards and other upholstered houseware 

  • Bedding - Includes bedsheets, duvet covers, blankets, bedspreads, pillowcases etc.

  • Table linen - Tablecloths, placemats, and table runners bring decorative accents to dining spaces

  • Flooring - Carpets and area rugs in natural and synthetic blends cover floor spaces, providing comfort 


The common fabric types used for home collections include:

  • Cotton - natural plant-based fibres, breathable, soft, absorbent, durable

  • Linen - Natural bast fibres from flax plants, lightweight, breathable, lustrous

  • Silk - natural protein animal fibres, incredibly soft, subtle sheen

  • Wool - natural protein fibres from animals, insulating, durable, flame retardant

  • Polyester - synthetic polymer fibres, wrinkle resistant, strong, weather resistant, affordable

  • Viscose/Rayon - semi-synthetic plant-based fibres, breathable and moisture-absorbing

  • Chenille - fuzzy, velvety woven from rayon or cotton, used for upholstery

  • Microfibers/Microfiber Suede - synthetic, very fine fibres, mimic silk, durable 

Uses and Characteristics of Home Collection Fabrics

  • Cotton is excellent for bedding for softness and breathability; it is also used for upholstery and window treatments

  • Wool and wool blends ideal for rugs, and carpets provide durability, warmth and acoustic absorption  

  • Silk velvets lend a luxury look for cushions, throws or accent pillows

  • Leather and faux leather for upholstery finishing touches, bringing texture

  • Polyester microfiber is suited for sofa covering for stain protection and ease of cleaning

  • Jacquard weaves provide depth for thicker window panels or blanket throws 

  • Rayon: Imitates natural fibres; it’s semi-synthetic.

Why Should You Buy Home Collection Fabrics Online?

Shopping home collection fabrics online from reputed stores like TradeUNO offers:

  • Expansive range across fabric types and designs exceeding physical stores  

  • Wholesale pricing with discounts on bulk fabric yardage purchases

  • Customisation for desired fabric prints, colours and textures

  • Doorstep deliveries are accessible from anywhere in India

  • Secure payments and easy returns/exchanges

Home Collection Fabrics Latest Trends 2024 for Festivals & Occasions

  • Faux leather and fur accents provide a cosy texture perfect for winter months

  • Nature-inspired tones like sage and azure make soothing backdrops 

  • Embellished styles with metallic thread zari for glimmering accents

  • Layered cotton voile and lace detailing lend ethereal, dreamy effects

  • Checked buffalo plaid prints, ever-popular for seasonal farmhouse cosiness  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some good fabrics for making home decor items?

Ans: Cotton, linen, and silk blends work well for DIY decor projects, given they are soft, breathable, and easier to sew. 

2. How do I know which fabric is best for curtains? 

Ans: Sheers diffuse light nicely but offer little privacy. Embossed fabrics help insulate. Lightweight blends in linen, cotton, and polyester suit most needs.

3. What fabric is advisable for sofa upholstery?

Ans: Tightly woven, durable fabrics like leather, microfiber, and polyester blends withstand regular use. Jacquard is also recommended. 

4. Should I wash fabrics before using them for home decor?

Ans: Pre-wash fabrics, especially for bedding and window treatments, to prevent shrinkage and release excess dye. Delicate silks and wool may require dry cleaning. 

5. Is it cheaper to buy fabrics online or offline?

Ans: Online fabric stores offer more variety at wholesale rates with added customisation benefits exceeding offline. Discounts + bulk rates are frugal.

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