Everything You Need To Know About The Schiffli Fabric

Everything You Need To Know About The Schiffli Fabric


Fabrics play a major role in fashion & clothing, and knowing your fabrics makes it easier to choose the right kind. There are a plethora of fabrics and textiles when it comes to the Indian textile industry and the details and intricacy it takes to make an embroidered fabric are fascinating. Different kinds of fabrics are used for different clothing depending on the occasion and season.

Our topic of discussion today is an embroidered fabric which is cool for the summer. In this blog, we are going to talk about a particular embroidery called Schiffli. So, dear readers, let’s jump into the fabric fable!

What is the Schiffli Embroidery and How is it Done?

Hand embroidery has been done on fabrics for ages but machine embroidery was created after the Industrial Revolution. Schiffli embroidery is done based on the principle of the sewing machine and the schiffli embroidery machine was invented after 1873.

Now, you must be wondering, what is the schiffli fabric? Schiffli is a type of lace that is embroidered using the schiffli machine and is derived from the German word which means ‘little boat’. The production process varies depending on the patterns. The schiffli embroidery is done using a multi-needle loom that uses around a thousand needles. The fabric is held against the loom and needle in a way that it can easily be moved back and forth. An interlocked series of embroidery is created which forms into a lace pattern. The fabric on which the embroidery is done is immersed in a chemical bath in which the un-embroidered patches dissolved and the only thing left is the lace.

Different Variations of The Schiffli Embroidery

The schiffli embroidery can be used to create diverse patterns with a three-dimensional effect based on the thread type, color, pattern, and fabrics. The following are the common varieties when it comes to schiffli embroidery –

  • Embroidery with Borer Holes also called Eyelets are small perforations that can be made in many shapes with a cloth or metallic threads.
  • Schiffli Embroidery on Net can be done on net-like base fabrics.
  • Another common variety is the Guipures Embroidery which is done based on the chemical properties of the fabric. A water-soluble material is used to create this embroidery and the focus is not on the physical appearance but on the fabric properties.
  • Applique Embroidery used a second layer of fabric in addition to the base fabric. The upper layer is rolled up and secured while the base layer is being embroidered.
  • Lastly, there are embroideries done with metallic threads and colorful threads too. Overall schiffli embroidery on the fabric is also a very popular variation.

Schiffli Fabric: Usage and Styling

The modern-day usage of the schiffli embroidery is vast. The embroidery is often used in salwar kameez and the schiffli fabric with embroidery on the borders is an all-time favorite for making palazzo pants and long flared skirts. In home décor, schiffli fabric is used for making cute cushion covers and pillow covers. The schiffli lace is exported from Gujarat and is widely used for clothing purposes.

When it comes to styling, the schiffli embroidery on the cotton fabric is an excellent choice for the summer season. The material looks and feels super comfy and breathable. The schiffli embroidery adds to the cotton fabric and can be used for making adorable dresses for girls and women alike. Not only cotton but the embroidery is also done on various other fabrics. You can go for bright or pastel color schiffli fabric and create a classy summer look.

A white cut-sleeve schiffli dress is a must-have in your summer wardrobe. Schiffli embroidered shirts and kaftans are super breezy and great for surviving the heat. In Indian wear, you can make kurta sets and blouses out of this fabric. Pair a schiffli embroidered blouse with a floral saree for an understated appeal.

This durable and strong fabric is one of the top choices for creating statement looks especially for the summer season. You can do so much with the schiffli embroidered fabric in terms of clothing and home décor. If you want to buy schiffli fabric online, you can check out our collection at www.tradeuno.com. We have a wide variety of schiffli fabric in different patterns and colors. Trust us, you won’t be able to choose only one piece. Well, we recommend going all in and shopping your hearts out!

We will see you in the next blog, till then, bye!

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Nice fabric

Sajid Rana

Nice fabric

Sajid Rana

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