What type of fabrics are good for our body?

What type of fabrics are good for our body?

How to Choose the Fabric According to the Body Type?


We all get inspired by the style statement of celebrities! 

With prices skyrocketing, individuals prefer to buy fabric and get their looks ready. We often try to emulate it and fail miserably. Ever wondered why? The answer lies in your choice of fabric for your body type.

This blog detangles how we can accentuate our curves and look fabulous in the outfit!

Choosing fabric according to the god-gifted body style 

We are born with a particular body structure - god's gift. The basic frame of the body is known as body type. 

The choice of fabric must be by the body structure. This will make the individual feel more confident. The choice of fabric depends on many factors ranging from the dress style in your mind to your body type. Each textile has its unique texture, fall, shine, weave, and feel.

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This blog will brief individuals about common body types so they can be intelligent buyers.

Here's a list of some common body types - 


It is commonly known as a boyish figure and is mostly seen in athletes and models. Their shoulders, bust, and hip measurements look uniform. The waist is straight. Actresses like Anushka Sharma, Kangana Ranaut, and Kriti Sanon have a rectangle body shape. It gives the body an appearance of a tall block. Individuals with this body type should be on the lookout for flowing and long sewing patterns. Women who fall in this category should go for cloth that adds volume. Your choice should be cotton, linen, silk, and satin. Nonetheless, avoid too tight or loose fabrics.


Women with this figure structure have perfectly proportioned hips and busts, and the waist is not too wide. People who fall under this category can go for sewing patterns that hug the waist area. Few designs have curved dimensions in sleeves, waist, or hips that can accentuate your curves. However, geometric patterns don't suit this body type. Spandex, matte jersey, cotton, and leather can highlight your figure. Avoiding georgette and organza would be a good choice, and choosing rayon and polyester are recommended.

Pear shaped

Ladies who have a pear-shaped structure have a heavier lower torso. It is advisable for women under this category to go for a mix of body-hugging and loose fabric. They should choose heavy fabrics for the upper body, like, leather and wool because they have a petite upper structure. Other fabrics that can go well are matte jersey, viscose, and, polyester blends. They can flaunt their curves by adding waist embellishments. 

Apple shape

It is also called a round body style. Women with this structure don't have a defined waist, and the weight is collected in the stomach area. The waist is larger than their measurement of the bust and hips. Therefore, soft fabrics are their go-to choices, such as satin, chiffon, and rayon. Anything that is not too tight and bulk on the stomach area can be considered. They should flaunt their slim legs and shoulders. With the help of the right pattern, you can create broader shoulders and a smaller waist.

Dress to Impress

Choosing the right fabric becomes important but other factors need to be taken into consideration before buying the textile. 

  • Selecting the design 

This step is similar to getting your blueprint ready. Before going for the fabric, choose the design. You can scroll the Tradeuno website to choose and shortlist designs. The process doesn't end here. Make sure the design you choose goes well with your body type.

  • Market research 

Before procuring the raw material, be smart and do some market research. It entails window shopping, looking for the same style, and understanding the different fabrics used for the same design. This step helps in gauging the fall of the cloth, therefore, benefiting while making the purchase.

  • Colors 

They are catchy and create an illusion. For example, black makes you look taller and slimmer. Individuals can choose a color according to their choice and occasion. 

  • Conclusion

Lastly, fashion is about self-expression and one shouldn't hold themselves back from playing with different styles, colors, and fabrics. These pointers will not only help you accentuate your body but also make you look smarter. 

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