Rayon Fabrics Guide: What is Rayon, Where to Use and How it is made Trade Uno

Rayon Fabrics Guide: What is Rayon, Where to Use and How it is made

What is rayon fabric ?

Rayon is a man made fabric. Rayon is a semisynthetic fiber which means that it fall in between natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. IT is a made from wood pulp of beech, pine or bamboo extract and after few chemical processes

Rayon fabric is of three main types:-

1. Viscose rayon -

it is semisynthetic type of rayon fabric made from wood pulp. This is often used as a substitute to silk because of its smooth feel and following drape. This is a delicate fabric and hands needs a lot of care while washing and drying so viscose rayon is like Rayon silk.

2. Modal Rayon fabric -

It is again a semisynthetic fiber made from beach tree pulp. Model is typically blended with other fabric like cotton and spandex for strength. This is reason why people often calling it as material rayon cotton or fabric rayon cotton. You can buy rayon cotton fabric online from www.tradeuno.com

3. Tencel -

Tencel fabric is also made from beech tree but since it uses fewer chemical in production it knows as more environment friendly Lowell rayon is similar to cotton fabric and is typically blended with it for more durability Hence again making it more like material cotton rayon.
Rayon cotton fabric is the most absorbent type is why it is skin cool and dry.
Rayon is typically used in fashion industry because of its comfort like cotton and luxurious feel like silk fabric. Hence, people buy this fabric thinking it is rayon silk fabric

Why rayon fabric is considered to be good:

  • The rayon fabric is soft and their by comfortable to wear.
  • The rayon fabric has beautiful luxurious appearance.
  • Rayon fabric doesn't wrinkle easily.
  • Rayon material is easily printable and retains color well.
  • Rayon fabric is cotton like Hence retains moisture and stay cool.
  • Rayon is a 'fluid fabric' hence making it perfect for drape garments.
  • Rayon fabric is shiny in nature.
  • Rayon cotton fabric is breathable.

Where can we use Rayon fabric?

Rayon can be used for garments and home furnishing both. It is a popular fabric for people in summers.
Some uses are:-

1. Athletic wear -

Because of it's high absorbency nature ' Rayon Fabric Material ' is perfect for athletic wear.

2. Kids clothing -

This fabric is soft in nature, hence a lot of fashion houses and brands use rayon cotton material in kids clothes like dresses, shorts, shirt etc.

3. Lining Material -

It is a thin fabric hence could be used as lining material in luxury garments.

4. Garments -

Moisture wicking and easily 'drape' features make rayon fabric a hit for garment
Manufactures. Garments like shirts, tops, skirts, dresses etc. This fabric can be used to produce any female garments.

5. Bedsheet -

Lyocell rayon is favorite among people to make bedsheet.

Where has Rayon made?

Rayon fabric was developed by "Count Hilaire de Chardonnet" in 1884 in 'France'. He was called as father of rayon' since he was the first person to manufacture the first batch of practical commercial production of rayon fabric.
Today India is the largest manufacture of rayon fabric followed by Germany, Brazil, Australia, China, laos, Canada and the US.
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How to care for Rayon?

Rayon is a low maintenance fabric, but certain points need to take care of while handling it.

1. Wash it in cold water.
2. Iron it on low heat.
3. Do not dry it in more than 30°c heat

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