Trending Colors And Their Meaning

Trending Colors And Their Meaning

Closet Calling: Trending Colors to Make Heads Turn this Summer


Are you a fashion lover? Do you like to keep up with the current styles and trends? Do you want to know about the colors of the season? If the answer is yes then, you are at the right place.

Welcome to our blog! Today, we will discuss the Pantone colors of the year, what fabrics to go for, and how to pair different colors and incorporate them into your wardrobe to look effortlessly stylish.

We all love our whites and blacks, but this season is all about going big or going home. Bright colors are exploding in everyone’s wardrobe this summer. So, let’s jump into the color carousel!


  • Color me Pretty


Here are the colors that are ruling everyone’s wardrobe right now and you definitely need them to up your fashion game.


  • Orange You Glad

Orange is dominating the high street fashion stores like anything. With fifty shades of orange being the queen of colors this season, you can incorporate it into your closet. If you are not one for going all out with colors, we recommend adding just a pop of orange, and if you are a color lover, you can go for a monochrome orange look or try pairing it with hot pink, teal, or violet. While for fabrics, go for polyester or crepe.


  • Feeling Blue

Well, not really! Rock the electric or cobalt blue color like a fashionista. Pair it with white for a safe yet statement look or experiment by wearing contrasting tones like yellow, red, or orange. Do an ombré look by including lighter shades of blue, violet, and purple with it. Georgette is a great choice of fabric for this color. Block printed fabric or stripes is also a good choice.


  • Lime Time

Lime greens have been making it to the top colors of the year for a while now. The color gives a touch of both yellow and green shades and looks so refreshing. Wear overalls or jumpsuits in lime for an effortless look or pair them with white. Neutral shades like brown also goes well with lime. Pleated fabric for skirts and polyester for tops and dresses are a great option in this color.


  • Go Green

Emerald and Kermit Green are top fashion colors this season. While on the lighter side, sage green is also trending. Opt for a monochrome green look or pair it with other shades of green. If you want to make a statement by color blocking, pair it with hot pink, fuchsia pink, or sky blue. This color will look exquisite in a velvet or satin fabric.


  • Pink Power

We all love pink, don’t we? The most loved color is also a big trend this season. From runways to fashion weeks, we even spot celebrities wearing it a lot lately. The monochrome hot pink look is to die for! If you don’t want to go for a bold look, you can pair it with a muted print or a neutral color. Cotton fabric in floral print is best for summers. Try investing in pink accessories to turn a boring look into a classy one in seconds.


  • Lilac Loving

Now that we have talked about bold bright colors that make a statement, here is a soft color option that you have to try. Pastel colors have been trending for a while now and lilacs and lavenders are big this season too. Truth be told, you can never get enough of pastels, right? Embroidered or chikankari fabric in this color will give you a fresh, soft girl aesthetic. Long skirts and handbags in lilac are a great choice for your wardrobe.


  • Yellow Mellow 

Light yellow is another Pantone color of 2022. After all, yellow screams summer! Pair it with cream or off white to create a minimal and classy look. An excellent choice for office wear and daily easy breezy outfits. Accessorize it well and you will have yourself a beautiful look ready. Yellow dresses look best in crepe, georgette and rayon fabric. 
  • Brown Beauty

Did you think we will forget to add a neutral shade to our list? Of course not! For all dark color lovers, browns are your best friend this season. Chocolate browns are a really good choice for a night out. Donning a monochrome brown look or combining it with a hint of lime, yellow or orange can amp up your look. For an Indian look, Ajrakh print in brown will look very boho and chic. 

  • White Is Worth the Fight

Nothing looks as elegant and dreamy as a white ensemble. Although, the color requires a lot of maintenance, it’s totally worth it. Nothing beats a white-on-white look. White pantsuits and structured dresses look so empowering. You can practically pair it with anything. White linen fabrics are the most appropriate choice in this scorching heat.


I hope we helped you decide what colors to go for in 2022. And if you are wondering where to get the fabrics in your preferred color, check out our online fabric store at for a wide variety of fabrics available in a lot of color options.


Also, do tell us which color is your favorite this season in the comment section below. We would love to know.


Till the next blog, bye!

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