Pantone Shade Of The Year 2022

Pantone Shade Of The Year 2022

A Complete Guide to Pantone Shades of 2022 

Colors play an important role in our lives. It is an inevitable form of communication. 

They have their psychology and can evoke certain emotions in us. At the same time, they help in creating illusions. It is no secret that colors help in setting the mood. This year's Pantone shades are all about carefree confidence and daring curiosity. The inspiration comes from the testing times we are experiencing. It reflects the transition the world is going through. With isolation becoming the new norm, our approach to life is altering and is reflecting on our ways of styling.

About Color of The Year 

According to Pantone, this year is dominated by Very Peri. The Pantone color brings the blue color family along with shades of violet and red. 

The 2022 color palette represents the joy-filled attitude and encourages creative expressions. 

It illustrates the amalgamation of our lifestyle with the digital world. This comes from the growing popularity of Metaverse and the rising artistic community.

Brief about Pantone 

Pantone is considered the color authority. It forecasts global color trends and helps companies with color for product and brand visual identity. 

Year after year Pantone releases the color of the year and the color of the season. They set the color trend and partner with global brands to expand the power, emotions, and psychology of color in their design language.


Until 2022, Pantone drew color from their existing catalog. This time they created a new shade and tried to depict through color the global events that are taking place in the world. Pantone sets the standard in many industries worldwide.

Exploring the 2022 color palette 


There are four major palettes for the year 2022. Each palette features Very Peri, which indicates its versatility. We will briefly explore them in this section.

  • Balancing Act:
  • As the name suggests, it is a complementary palette, balancing warm and cool tones. The colors that are a part of this palette are – burnished lilac, lotus, muted clay, dried moss, very peri, granite green, hawthorn rose, and elderberry.

  • Wellspring:
  • This one is mostly dominated by shades of green and represents the blend of nature-infused shades. It is paired with a family of blues, adding health-giving properties to the subtle and nourishing hues. Wellspring encompasses Greenbriar, foliage, treetop, celery, chai tea, dewberry, very peri, and eggshell blue.

  • The Star of the Show:
  • It is a dark palette, an all-blue classic with neutrals that add elegance and timeless sophistication. Anthracite, volcanic glass, deep taupe, plaza taupe, white sand, petrified oak, cloud dancer, and, very peri make this palette.

  • Amusements:
  • A vibrant palette with whimsical colors represents fun and spontaneity. This color palette compels you to experiment. Colors such as tawny orange, very peri, iced coffee, pink flambe, fuchsia pink, paradise pink, cornsilk, and tourmaline make the Amusements.

    Pantone Shade of 2021 V/S Pantone Shade of 2022 

    The color of the year 2021 was Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. They indicated warmth and dependability. The mix of yellow representing warmth and grey showing a solid foundation of dependability made 2021. The combination of the two colors highlights how two different elements come together and express resilience.

    Pantone shade of 2022 has brought a new perspective. With its vibrance comes hope, adding cheerfulness that has been missing from the colors since 2020. Colors are communicative and narrate the story of the unprecedented events that held the world back. It also reflects the work-from-home culture by blending blues reflecting the digital world and the increasing dependency on it. 

    How is the Pantone Shade of 2022 Blending into Interiors and Fashion? 

    Very Peri represents dynamism. It is being used in fashion and interiors. The fashion industry is focusing on saturated shades and colorful palettes like Amusement and The Star of the Show. These two palettes are bright and evoke optimism, fun, and happiness. Shades like golden orange, heavenly sunny, deep blue, green, coral, refreshing menthol, and raspberry color will trend too.

    Interiors are dominated by earthy colors and spring garden colors. The palette well suited for interior designing will be Balancing Act and WellSpring. These colors awaken the soul and are a source of inspiration.

    Tips to Pair Color of the Year – Very Peri 


    Pantone shade of 2022 is a beautiful blend of purple and blue. This section will provide you with some potential color combinations that go well with Very Peri – the Pantone color of the year.

    • Very Peri will go well with muted greens, bubblegum pinks, and saturated blue.
    • If a bold statement attracts you then combine the Pantone shade of this year with lime yellow or green. This will provide the much-needed contrast.
    • Sometimes sophistication looks elegant. Very Peri is adaptable and goes beautifully with warm plum or cool teal to keep the palette muted.
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