Top Five Fabric Trends for Interior Decor in 2022

Top Five Fabric Trends for Interior Decor in 2022

Designing in any form, from styling to decor, is a medium to express and embrace one’s sense of being. Thus, the theme central of 2022 is featuring “you” in your interiors.

The post-pandemic era has changed our way of life, with work from home being the norm, and the definition of home has changed.

Keeping that in mind, inhabitants continue to update their space in a multi-purpose way: a sanctuary that exuberant calm and peace to snap out of the hectic pace of life along with focus and inspiration, making it a perfect work environment.

Decor today is exuberant the owner's personality that walks hand in hand with minimalism. The palette of 2022 includes earthy tones and natural hues, shades of green being at the core – representing hope, optimism, calmness, and balance.

Exotic floral prints, geometrical, and retro patterns add depth to your space, therefore, making it dominant this year.


Interior Design Fabric Trends 2022

Furnishing fabrics add character to the space. There are numerous fabrics in the market; choosing according to your needs would be the best thing to do! The fabrics in 2022 range from velvets, and sheers, to light and high-performance fabrics. TradeUno, through this blog, takes you through the types of fabrics that fall in each category.


●        Velvet

The history of velvet goes way back in time. But one can consider it to be a veteran of the fabric industry. Velvet has stood the test of time because it is one of the top fabrics in the upholstery trends of the 2022 list. Velvets represent luxury and glamour. There are different types of velvets; depending on how and where you are using the fabric in your room determines the type of velvet you should choose!

  • Crushed velvets are perfect for the sofa.
  • Poly and cotton velvets make great curtains.
  • Brasso velvet is an excellent choice for cushions and curtains.
  • Corduroy combined with velvet is one of the most sought-after top interior design trends of 2022.


●        Sheer Fabrics

A great addition to your house as its delicate nature gives your home a feminine touch. It is nearly a transparent fabric making it the perfect go-to material for curtains.

The buyer has numerous options in sheer fabric.

Top fabric trends of the year for interior decor highlight the following sheer fabrics: voile, georgette, organdie, chiffon, gauze, dotted swiss, and batiste.


●        High-performance fabrics

They are everyone’s favorite because of their low-maintenance nature. This material is a good choice for people who have small children or pets at home. It is also apt for individuals who do not have the bandwidth to maintain fabrics like velvet or leather.

  • It is the ideal material for high-traffic rooms like the kitchen, living room, playroom, and dining room.
  • Nylon, polyester, olefin, and acrylic are your best friends if you have a furry pet who has a habit of crawling on the sofa with muddy paws, your children spilling liquid in the lounge, or finding smears of chocolate on your furniture.


●        Light fabrics

Some fabrics are as light as a feather. Their texture is similar to that of silk. But they are sturdier. Viscose and acetate fall under this category and can be an excellent, economical substitute for silk because it gives the same luxurious look. Viscose is a type of rayon. Any furniture upholstered with this material needs to be away from direct sunlight.


●        Printed Fabrics 

The consumer has become bolder in their choice of print selection and color. The main reason associated with this trend is the shift in work culture. As individuals spend more and more time at home, prints have become a source of escapism.

  • Prints centered around nature and animals are the trend of 2022. Along with this, patterns from geometrical to Moroccans have seeped into this year.
  • Warm tones and earthy colors like jewel tones, golden hues, rust colors, warm greens, and terra-cotta, with hints of positive and energetic colors, are gaining attention.

While designing your ecosystem, you can play with prints and plain fabrics to maintain balance. The curator of the space shouldn’t shy away from exploring various prints and mix-matching them with different colors.



  • As mentioned earlier, this year is about expressing oneself; hence, we can see a shift in consumers’ approach – moving away from extrinsic factors and imbibing a more intrinsic approach. 
  • Many designers - who find themselves stuck in décor dilemmas rely on trend forecasting. Despite this, they create unique design language, even after borrowing from the trends. It stands testimony to house interiors narrating a story unique to their owners.
  • This year's design language is zesty, bolder, and majestic. Lastly, another paradigm is changing, i.e., individuals have started to take steps towards more sustainable living. The future of furnishings is towards healthy and renewable fabrics that use environmentally conscious materials. With this, traditional looms like wool, linen, and cotton with vegetable dyes will gain more popularity.
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