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Do You Know About Crepe Fabrics – The Crepe Story

Knowing Your Fabrics – The Crepe Story

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All of us wear different fabrics in our daily lives but have you ever wondered how the fabrics are made? It is important to know about your fabric’s backstory and its characteristics so that you can make a better choice and select the right kind of fabric.
In this blog, we will talk about fabrics and the topic is crepe fabric. So, let’s know the story behind the crepe fabric.

Back to Basics

For starters, let us get into the basics of crepe fabric.
Traditionally made from silk fabric, crepe has been historically worn for mourning by the Greek women. Now, the fabric is made from cotton, wool, polyester, and elastane too. You can recognize the crepe fabric by its crinkled and wrinkled appearance. Its texture is slippery which makes it difficult to sew the fabric. The most used crepe fabric today is polyester crepe. The fabric can be thin and sheer, fine and opaque or heavy depending on the type.
Crepe fabric names – Crepe, crepon, crespe, crisp.
Crepe fabric composition – silk, wool or synthetic materials.

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Types and Characteristics of crepe fabric

Being a versatile fabric, crepe fabric has a lot of types.
Crepe fabric types -

  1. • Polyester crepe
  2. • Wool crepe
  3. • Aerophane
  4. • Baute Satin
  5. • Canton crepe
  6. • Plissé crepe
  7. • Crepe de Chine
  8. • Crepe charmeuse


Among all these, polyester crepe stands out as the most preferred type.

Why choose the crepe fabric?
Have questions about the fabric like why you should go for the crepe fabric? Is the crepe fabric good for summers? Is the crepe fabric expensive? Here are your answers.

Crepe fabric characteristics -

crepe fabric

• Easy breezy
The fabric is breathable and provides proper ventilation making it a summer season staple to bare with the scorching heat. Organic crepe is the most breathable of all.

• Pulls away moisture
Yet another reason why the crepe fabric is good for summers and is your go-to for the warm weather. Crepe is a moisture-wicking fabric.
• 3D texture
It gives dimension to garments and its three-dimensional texture is its unique characteristic.
• Smooth drape
The fabric has an effortless flow to it which makes it the best choice for work wear and gowns. You can use crepe fabric 
for dressmaking.

• Cost
The pure silk crepe fabric is expensive while the synthetic crepe fabrics are relatively less expensive

Common Usage


crepe fabric

Crepe is most commonly used for dresses, evening gowns and, home furnishing. It is also widely used as a garment lining.


Trend Alert!

Want to know trendy ways to use crepe? The latest fashion and decor trends that involve the crepe fabric are –

  1. • Kurtis made with printed crepe fabric
  2. • Crepe maxi dresses with vintage prints
  3. • Short, flowy oversized dresses
  4. • Structured formal wear clothing
  5. • Bed sheets made of viscose crepe
  6. • Silk crepe curtains
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Care and caution

  1. How to iron the crepe fabric?

Crepe is a flammable fabric, especially silk crepe has low heat resistance. Do not iron it directly but by turning it upside down. Place a cloth between the iron and the fabric to ensure that the fabric doesn’t burn.

  1. How to wash the crepe fabric?

Use warm water to wash the fabric and avoid using the clothes dryer.
Overall, crepe is a versatile effortless fabric and is a great choice for garments and home furnishing. Keeping in mind the care tips given above, you can make the best and most lasting use of the crepe fabric.

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