Choosing the Perfect Mens Kurta for Wedding Day

Choosing the Perfect Mens Kurta for Wedding Day

The men's kurta is considered a timeless symbol of style and versatility in traditional Indian wear that holds a unique place in every man's wardrobe. Beyond being merely festive attire, the kurta embodies the perfect blend of comfort and fashion, making it a wardrobe essential. Particularly favourite choice during weddings, men's kurta sets seamlessly merge tradition with contemporary trends. In this blog, we'll unravel the rich history of men's kurtas, explore popular fabric options, highlight trending styles, and offer essential care tips for storing these iconic ensembles.

History of Men's Kurta and Significance of Wearing It

Rooted in the Indian subcontinent, the men's kurta finds its linguistic origins in the Sanskrit words "kuratu" or "kurtaka," denoting a collarless shirt. Evolving across languages and cultures, the kurta has become a cultural emblem in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. Crafted from diverse fabrics such as cotton, silk, voile, jute, khadi, and Kota, the kurta showcases its adaptability to various styles and occasions. Wearing a kurta symbolizes tradition, cultural pride, and a harmonious blend of comfort and style.

5 Famous Fabric Options to Style Kurtas for Men

Solid Cotton Kurta Fabric

Cotton, known for its breathability and comfort, makes the solid cotton kurta fabric a popular choice. Ideal for both casual and formal occasions, it offers a crisp and clean look while ensuring ease of movement. The versatility of solid cotton kurta fabric allows for easy styling, making it suitable for various events.

Kurta wear

Silk Kurta Fabric

Exuding luxury and elegance, silk fabric is a perfect choice for special occasions like weddings and celebrations. The smooth texture and natural sheen of silk add a regal touch to the ensemble. Silk kurtas are often adorned with intricate embroidery, making them a symbol of sophistication and grace.

Khadi Kurta Fabric

Khadi, a fabric woven from hand-spun yarn, holds historical significance and is deeply rooted in India's independence movement. Khadi kurta fabric combines tradition with a rustic charm, offering a unique and textured appearance. Ideal for casual events, khadi kurtas showcase simplicity and sustainability.

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Linen Kurta Fabric

Linen, known for its breathability and relaxed appeal, makes the linen fabric a popular choice, especially in warmer climates. The natural texture of linen adds a laid-back and casual vibe to the kurta, making it suitable for daytime events and informal gatherings.

Handloom Kurta Fabric

Handloom fabrics, crafted with care and precision, bring a touch of traditional craftsmanship to men's kurtas. The handloom kurta fabric reflects artisanal skills, often featuring intricate patterns and designs. These kurtas are a testament to timeless artistry and cultural heritage.

Latest Men’s Kurta Design Trends and How to Style Your Outfit

Printed Kurtas

Printed kurtas offer a versatile and fashionable look, allowing wearers to experiment with various patterns and designs. Floral prints, geometric patterns, and abstract motifs are popular choices. Pair printed kurtas with solid-coloured bottoms for a balanced and stylish ensemble.

Pathani Kurta

Mens Kurta fabric wear

Pathani kurtas, characterized by a collared neckline and a length below the knee, strike a perfect balance between comfort and attractiveness. Ideal for various occasions, these kurtas emanate a classic charm. Pair them with traditional churidars or straight-cut pants for a polished look.

Bandhgala Kurtas

Bandhgala kurtas, buttoned up to the neck, can be worn with a simple kurta underneath. This style provides warmth and flair, making it ideal for winter weddings. For a contemporary twist, pair a Bandhgala kurta with tailored trousers or dhoti pants.

Striped Straight Kurta

A relaxed and stylish choice, the black-striped straight kurta suits almost any occasion. The stripe print adds a lovely finishing touch, making it a versatile piece for various events. Style it with contrasting bottoms and traditional footwear for a well-coordinated look.

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Fashion Tips for Styling Your Kurta

  • Accessorizing Your Kurta: Kurtas can be accessorized in various ways to enhance their overall look. Traditional footwear like mojaris or juttis, especially those with intricate embroidery, complement the kurta's traditional essence. Waistcoats, in particular, can add an element of sophistication to the outfit.

    Choose a waistcoat that contrasts with the colour of your kurta to create a striking look. A turban or a headgear, such as a safa or pagdi, adds an extra touch of elegance and can be coordinated with the colour of the kurta or with other accessories.
Olive Green embellished Kurta Wear
  • Different Bottom Wear: When it comes to bottom wear, the options are aplenty. For a classic look, pair your kurta with dhoti pants, known for their loose and comfortable fit. Churidars are another popular choice, offering a more fitted look. The Patiala salwar, with its loose pleats and billowy silhouette, adds a touch of femininity to the ensemble.

    Remember to coordinate the colour of the bottom wear with the kurta or opt for contrasting colours to create a balanced look.

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  • Layering Options: Layering your kurta can add dimension and depth to your outfit. For formal events, consider adding a jacket or a waistcoat over your kurta. Ensure that the colour of the jacket complements the kurta and the overall colour palette of the outfit.

    For winter weddings or cooler evenings, a shawl or a stole can be draped over the shoulders. Choose a shawl in a contrasting or coordinating colour to add a pop of colour to your outfit.
  • Mix and Match: Mixing and matching different styles and fabrics of kurtas with different bottom wear can create a contemporary and unique look. For example, pair a printed kurta with plain churidars or dhoti pants for a balanced ensemble.

    Alternatively, pair a solid-coloured kurta with a printed bottom for a bold and statement-making look. Play with different textures and patterns to add visual interest to your outfit.
Grey Kurta Wear with Nehru Jacket
  • Colour Co-ordination: Colour coordination is key to creating a cohesive and stylish look. Choose a kurta colour that complements your skin tone and the occasion. Neutral colours like beige, ivory, and black are versatile and can be paired with a variety of bottom wear. For a more vibrant look, opt for bright and bold colours like royal blue, emerald green, or deep red.

    Ensure that the colour of your bottom wear, accessories, and footwear complements the colour of your kurta to create a harmonious and well-coordinated ensemble.

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Care Tips to Properly Store Men’s Kurta

Proper storage is essential to maintain the pristine condition of men's kurtas:

  • Fold, Don't Hang: Folding prevents stretching and maintains the kurta's shape. Hanging may lead to distortion over time.
  • Use Padded Hangers for Embellished Kurtas: If your kurta has embellishments or intricate embroidery, use padded hangers to prevent any damage.
  • Keep in a Cool, Dry Place: Store kurtas in a cool, dry place to prevent moisture build-up, which can lead to mould and mildew.
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Exposure to direct sunlight can fade colours. Store kurtas away from direct sunlight to preserve their vibrancy.
  • Air Them Out: Periodically air out your kurtas to prevent any musty odours. Avoid using heavily scented sachets, as they may transfer fragrance to the fabric.
Mirror Work Embellished Kurta Wear Mens

Tips for Buying Kurta or Kurta Fabric

  • Fitting: The fitting of a kurta is crucial as it directly affects your overall appearance. Ensure that the shoulders fit well and the length of the kurta reaches below your knee. A well-fitted kurta accentuates your body shape and adds to your confidence.
  • Quality of Fabric: The fabric of the kurta plays a vital role in its comfort and appearance. For special occasions like weddings, opt for high-quality fabrics like silk, satin, or handloom cotton. These fabrics not only feel luxurious but also drape well and hold their shape.
  • Care Instructions: Different fabrics have different care needs. It's essential to follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. For instance, silk kurtas may require dry cleaning, while cotton kurtas can be machine-washed. Ironing at the appropriate temperature is also crucial to maintain the kurta's pristine look.
  • Future Trends in Kurta Designs: The design trends for kurtas are constantly evolving. Some emerging trends include experimenting with asymmetrical cuts, bold colours, and unique prints. Traditional craftsmanship like hand embroidery and block printing is also making a comeback, adding an artisanal touch to the garments.
  • DIY Tips for Kurta Embellishments: For those inclined towards customization, adding embellishments to a plain kurta can be a fun and creative project. Techniques like fabric painting, patchwork, or adding sequins and beads can transform a simple kurta into a personalized masterpiece.

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As we navigate the diverse facets of men's kurta fabric, it becomes evident that this iconic ensemble transcends cultural boundaries and occasions. Whether embracing the timeless elegance of handloom fabrics or opting for the vibrant appeal of printed kurtas, the choices are as varied as the celebrations they adorn. For resellers, boutique owners, and fashion influencers navigating the e-commerce space, understanding the significance of men's kurta fabric opens doors to curating collections that resonate with the evolving tastes and preferences of the contemporary wearer.

Light Colorful Kurta Wear Functional

Frequently Asked Questions 

1: How do I find the right size kurta for me?

Ans: To find the right size kurta, measure your chest, waist, and length from your shoulder to knee. Consult the brand's size guide for precise measurements, ensuring a slightly relaxed fit for comfort.

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2: Can I wear a kurta for formal events?

Ans: Absolutely, kurtas can be styled for formal occasions by pairing them with a waistcoat, blazer, or jacket. Opt for richer fabrics and accessories for an elevated look.

3: Can I mix and match kurtas with western clothing?

Ans: Yes, kurtas can be mixed and matched with western clothing for a fusion look. Pair a kurta with jeans, tailored trousers, or even a blazer for a contemporary and stylish ensemble.

4: What is the significance of wearing a kurta for weddings?

Ans: Wearing a kurta to weddings is a nod to tradition, elegance, and cultural pride. It's a symbolic representation of the wearer's heritage and is often seen as a respectful attire choice for such special occasions.

5: How can I add a personal touch to my kurta?

Ans: Personalizing your kurta can be achieved through various means, such as adding embellishments like embroidery, choosing unique fabrics like handlooms or organza, or opting for custom tailoring that reflects your individual style and fit preferences.

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