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Origin of Embroidery : History, Types and Popularity

Embroidery is a timeless craft that is an integral product of our material culture. It's an art fabric using The onto of applying different kinds of decorative a needle, Motifs are made from threads, and fabric could be embellished with beads, sequins, pearls, wires, etc. 

EmbroideryOrigin of Embroidery

Embroidery in fabrics was first Hosted for the practical purpose of remaining clothes. Earlier expensive garments were to produce that is why they! hardly a thrown away oned into more of an art. Later, this but repaired with threads. Later, this turned into more of an art.

  • Embroidery remains were first found by Archaeologists in 1964 in Russia, and dated back to 30000 BCE.


    Embroidery fabrics flourished in India during the 16th Century. India's famous Now " Ari " or "Hook" work was initially popular among Mugal rulers for embellishing Leather products, wall hangings, garments, and many other things.  By the 18th century, India started Embroidery Trade by exporting embroidered fabrics to France and Britain.

    Embroidery Trade changed majorly after the Industrial Resolutions of the late 18th Century. France developed machine-made embroidery hance making it available for mises at a cheaper price.

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    Types of Embroidery

      There are several techniques of Embroideries that are popular throughout the world because of their charm and endless creativity.

      Grewel Embroidery”

      1) Cross Stitching - The easiest style of embroidery is popular among beginners. It's done mainly on woven fabrics and is uniform in nature.

        2) Grewel Embroidery: - Done mostly by using two different wood fabrics, • embroidery on at once a taken technique. This age eld home furnishing fabrics and for garments, it's embroidered Silk fabric. mostly done

        3) Freestyle embroidery: - Gleaming designs beyond M This any boundary 3 is known as Freestyle Embroidery the most common approach these days as sheath creative juices flow from all directors.

        4) Stumpwork Embroidery:- This raised embroidery is built to create 3D dimensional designs on bane stitches


        Popular Indian Embroideries

        1) Kantha

        Kantha embroidery art originated in Bengal & Odisha In Kantha embroidery simple stitch runs along the edges. It is used for embroidery It's an eco-friendly way as the fabric thread used is taken from borders of used cloth. Cotton with Embroidery Kantha can be used to create Kurta's, shirts, tops, Bottomwear, and many garments.Buy Grey Floral Embroidery On Net Fabric Online

        2) Chikankari

        Chikankari embroidery is a discovery from Lucknow, It is artfully done by hand using thread and sequins on light and easy to drape fabrics. Chikankari embroidery on Cotton.

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