Georgette fabric - Making, Types, Features, Care, How to Check? Trade Uno

Georgette fabric - Making, Types, Features, Care, How to Check?

History of Georgette fabric

Georgette fabric was found by French dress maker madam Georgette de la planet in 20th . She invented the fabric to give a net kind of finish to her grows.
Initially it was made from silk, hence worn by people of royal families only.

What is Georgette fabric/ how it is made?

Georgette is a woven kind of fabric where yarns are trusted in z- twist and s- twist . The twists are in alternate direction hence giving crinkled finish on the fabric surface
Georgette can be weaved in different finishing apart from regular plain finish it could be produced in jacquard and satin weave too .

Types of Georgette fabric?

This man made fabric is so versatile that so many different types are possible by changing wearing and twisting pattern.

1. Polyester Georgette- this is produced by wearing polyester yarn hence it is called polyester Georgette. This is most commonly used fabric because its affordable.

2. Satin Georgette:- yarn remaining same weaving is changed from plane to satin Georgette change in weave gives it more lustrous look together the feel remain same, look enhance a lot.

3. Jacquard Georgette:- again hear the weaving pattern change . Georgette here is made on jacquard loom, making fabric more strong.

4. Stretch Georgette : competition of fabric is changed by adding Spaden into yarn to give it a stretch

5. Double Georgette : this is thicker in nature as compared to original Georgette fabric. Because of its thicker nature it becomes easier to drape.

Features of Georgette

1. Hypoallergenic - the most important feature that we look for these days it that fabric is silk friendly or not. No harmful chemical are used in reducing this fabric hence it is good for skin, overall health and environment too.

2. Drape tastily - due to lightweight nature, it is easily to drape this fabric.
This feature is the reason behind popularity of this fabric among fashion designers.

3. High tensile strength- outing two feature the fabric could be embellished with beads, mirror aura embroidered on easily.

4. Holds dye - this fabric could be dyed easily in different colors and patterns.
It doesn't fade generally.

5. Light weight- this is very lightweight fabric which make it easier to add to larger price of garments without making garment heavy.

6. Breakable- due to its sheer nature this fabric becomes breakable in nature, making it up perfect choice for hot season.

7. Sheer effect - this is translucent and sheer fabric.

8 . Crinkled look - this twisting for yarns in twist in z twist gives this fabric crinkled and distinguishing look.

Georgette fabric could be used for both Government and home finishing

Dresses, sarees, bloused, tops , overlay jacket, trousers, co-ordeals , kart's, gowns, lehenga's, anorak's, Omani dresses, suit all could be designed using Georgette fabric.
For home finishing curtains, cushion cover, sheers, table decorations etc could be designed using these.

How to check if Georgette is pure ?

Simple test could be performed to check the authenticity of Georgette-

1 - water stain test - wet a protean of fabric and dry it with iron. If the water stain is visible after drying this fabric is pure.

2. Burn test - burn the fabric and fabric continuous to burnt even when flame is put off then smell is similar to burning paper than it is pure.

3. Touch test - easy way to check Georgette is by touching the fabric with your hands. If the fabric feels is rough than it is pure Georgette.

Care of Georgette:

The delicate fabric needs to be handled properly and with caution. It had a long life but it not handled properly it could be damaged beyond repair.

1. It should be either watched by hand for only dry cleaned.

2. Used cold water only

3. Only mild detergent need to used for washing.

4. Do not stretch or wring the fabric.

5. Do not dry it in direct sunlight.
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