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Cotton Fabrics- History | Making | Features

History of Cotton Fabrics


Cotton fabric is the most widely used fabric in the world. Cotton production goes back to the Indus civilization in 5000BC cotton cultivation was widespread in Arabia, Iran Egypt, China, and India.

Cotton fabric material production begins in the spring season. Cotton seeds are planted are seedlings erupt in 1 to 8 days, within 2 to 2.5-month mature cotton balls appear after this cotton fabric is derived from the fibers surrounding the seed of the cotton plant.

There are different types of cotton fabric available like Pima cotton, Egyptian cotton, south linen cotton, poplin cotton, cambric cotton, blended cotton, cotton silk, and many more.

How is a cotton fabric made?

Cotton Fabric
To make cotton fabric several steps are followed.

The Cottonseed is separated from the cotton boll by the Machine named 'cotton gin' which expedites the process earlier done by hand.
The first step is Defoliation where leaves are removed from cotton plants. In the next step, a machine harvests cotton from fibers and forms it into bales.

A 'cotton gin' Machine is used to separate the cottonseed from bolls and also remove dirt.
Cotton Fabric Product
In the following, step cotton is sent to the production house where fibers are formed into long strands this process is called 'carding' . Finally, stands are spun into 'yarn'.

Hence a natural color ' white ' or ' slight yellow ' cotton fabric is produced

Depending upon the requirement this yarn cloud is dyed, chemically treated, or blended with other yarn to create beautiful cotton fabric.

Due to the popularity of this fabric is used to create serval garments and home furnishing products.

The cotton fabric could be used to create shirts for offices, bed linens like bed sheets, bed covers, cushion covers, pillow covers, bath linens like a bath mat, bathrobe, towels, home furnishing items like curtains, cotton carry bags, garments like men's cotton shirt women cotton Kurti, cotton shirt formal, cotton dresses, cotton blazers, jeans, medical supplies and many more.

Several reasons and Features contribute to the popularity of cotton

~ water-absorbent
~ quick drying
~ lightweight
~ moisture wicking
~ Highly durable
~ skin-friendly
~ soft
~ breathable
~ reasonably priced

Cotton fabric is a very reasonable fabric that could be bought online at at cotton fabric wholesale price.

A variety of pure cotton fabrics are available like solid cotton, yarn-dyed cotton checks cotton, strips cotton, screenprint cotton, digital print cotton, plain cotton, and hand. Block cotton, Kantha cotton, ajrakh cotton, bandhani cotton, ikkat cotton, patola cotton.


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