Classification of Disputes

Introduction Any disputes arising between the users of under a transaction carried out through may be resolved by Users as per this settlement of transactional dispute policy published on our Website. Users agree to use this policy to initiate dialogue and explore the possibility of amicable resolution of dispute between them.

Dispute List of dispute which may arise between the Users under a transaction through the Website is listed herein below. This list is not exhaustive in nature and all the possible disputes may not be captured here under.

  1. Product is not received after making full payment.
  2. Complete payment is not received after or on delivery of the Product.
  3. Product is not as per the description or quality provided on the Website
  4. Problem related to logistic/shipping of the Product.
  5. Problem related to unreasonable delay in the Product.
  6. Contractual issues.
  7. After-sales service problems.
  8. Received less than the quantity ordered.

Settlement of Transactional Dispute When a dispute arises between Users under a transaction, you are encouraged to negotiate with each other to amicably settle the dispute. Upon your request, we will make commercially reasonable efforts, on a good faith basis, to assist you in reaching an amicable settlement. However, if Users fail to reach a settlement within 30 (thirty) calendar days after initiation of settlement discussion, then the dispute will be submitted to a mutually accepted expert, which may be suggested by us and agreed between the Buyer and Supplier. Expert will decide on the dispute based on the relevant documents or information provided by the Users to support their claims.

Supporting Documents

  1. As a general principle, the User making a claim is obliged to provide the supporting documents to prove its claim. User agree that Expert has the sole discretion to accept or reject any supporting document submitted.
  2. User undertake and warrant that the documents submitted to support the claim is true, complete and accurate.

Time Limits

  1. User shall promptly notify the other User and us of the claim;
  2. We will suggest an expert to decide on the dispute between the Users within a reasonable time. However, User shall mutually decide on the expert and agree to abide by the decision of the expert. User agree that suggestion of an expert by us is only to provide them with the options and facilitate decision making on the expert but final decision on the expert shall solely vest with the Users and we cannot be held liable for any such decision.
  3. Each of the Users must submit the relevant documents to support or defend their claim within 7 calendar days from the appointment of the expert or any other duration agreed by the expert. If either of the Users fail to provide all or part of the supporting documents within the above time-period, Expert may proceed to make its decision based on the available documents.
  4. Unless there is any special circumstance, Expert should make its decision within 45 calendar days from its receipt of notice of dispute.

Appropriate Actions In addition to decision by an Expert, we may take appropriate action including but not limited to suspension and/or termination of User account, at our sole discretion against:

  1. User who is at fault as per the decision by the Expert;
  2. User against whom there are repetitive complaints or disputes;
  3. User habitual of raising malicious complaints without any documentary evidence to support the same.