Which Fabric Is Best For Mansoon

Which Fabric Is Best For Mansoon

The Best Monsoon Fabrics to Have in Your Wardrobe

Rain is a tricky season to experience! The showers are refreshing, and romantic, and on its first day, it's always welcomed with a sigh of relief from the hot summer days coming to their end. As it rains for a few more days and monsoon sets in, the muddy roads and humid weather make stepping out, to put it politely, a little troublesome and tricky.

Our clothes stick to us, we're sweating, and our pants and skirts are a mess with all the splashing of water and mud; the sigh of relief turns into a sigh of ' Eesh, what do I do? ' Selecting fabrics for monsoon becomes a hassle! We're left wondering what would be the best fabric to wear in the rains to wander around without worries?

Well! Trade Uno, a curated textile marketplace, is here to fix all your rainy-day fabric woes. Scroll down to get a list of the fabrics that work wonders on days when it's humid, rainy, and muddy.


Your year-around best friend! Constructed in several weaves, its thicker variation keeps you warm in winters, whereas its lighter forms keep you cool in summers and dry through the monsoon's humidity. Light, breathable and absorbent, it keeps you comfortable and breezy throughout the season while providing the perfect passage for air to move in and out.

TradeUno Fabric Tip- Pick darker colors to avoid the trouble of wet transparent clothing during the rains.


It is a cotton blend fabric providing dual benefits of breathability to the skin and beauty to the eye. It is sheen and absorbent in nature, allowing you to keep dry while relieving body heat and providing comfort. The fabric's weave is such, that it also dries off quickly and prevents extreme sweating from sticking around long in humid weather. Apt to use for work wear tops, kurtas, and dresses, rayon will bring the perfect blend of comfort and style to your look.



Water-splash-stains on your pants are a common sight in the rains! Commuting to work? Stepping out for the evening or traveling by car, metro, and bus? Puddles will always be in your way. So, should we switch to skirts and forget about jeans or pants?

Denim though it takes time to dry, yet is crafted in a sturdy weave that doesn't leave your garment see-through when wet and also makes removing mud stains super easy.

Take a pick from Trade Uno's cotton-blended denim for a lighter version of the fabric that won't get too heavy when soaked in the pouring showers.

With these fabrics, keep your movement easy-going through puddle jumping adventures of your rainy-day shenanigans.

Crepe Blend

Crepe Blend is one of the best fabrics for monsoon.

The blended variation is thicker than cotton, making the garments apt to wear during the rainy season. It also dries off quickly and doesn't stick to your body completely, leaving your skin in a comfortable and breathable state through the humid days. To put it shortly, crepe is perfect and should be in your monsoon wardrobe.

TradeUno Fabric Tip- Try on vibrant colors with unique prints or solids, and make sure your closet stays up-to-date to the season of muddy scents and feel-good rainy evenings.



Chambray is also one of the best choices for fabrics used during rainy days. Easy to wear and carry, it's constructed perfectly for air to pass through effortlessly. This makes chambray non-sticky, making humid days a prettier and more pleasant experience for most people. Explore chambray and play around a little with silhouettes and designs that will elevate your wardrobe, so you are never out of options for rainy day styles.


Silk blended fabrics are pieces that don’t crumble easily like other fabrics constructed with natural fiber. They stay fresh and straight through most days and make your work or everyday styles look chic, crisp, and sophisticated. It's a fabric that can easily be used for the rainy season and doesn't necessarily have to be stuffed inside the wardrobe for only special occasions or clear-sky evenings.

Why not look stunning every day instead of saving it only for special non- monsoon days? So, take the sheen fabrics and make yourself the clothing you've always wanted to wear.

Some pointers when it's pouring heavy, and the thunder makes it confusing to think –

  • Try to avoid fabric shoes and slippery footwear
  • Make sure you carry your laptops in water-proof bags and phones in water-proof zip locks.
  • Raincoats are not always convenient, so try on these fabrics from TradeUno with a vibrant selection of colors and prints.


TradeUno has curated the list to make your rainy season merrier! So, step out and enjoy the monsoons in comfortable, trendy, classic and convenient fabrics. Choose the latest styles, prints, patterns and colors to look stylish this monsoon season.

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